{LISTEN} FLIRTY - Will and Marina

Wednesday, February 14th

While Will was hesitating to reach out to Marina at her work, Marina was already doing some research of her own. Find out to see if these two will connect on this loving day, Valentine’s Day. 


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Excited for seven. The worst part of Valentine's Day is when you called to order flowers and you order the flowers and then the guy on the other end of the phones as Elmo was elected cards and sent at them and here I think. Now you should writes he should say he's on the romantic or maybe even poetic to write the car but in order to do that you have to dictated to a stranger. Which is not comfortable I mean dear Kathy I love you. You mean the world to me happy Valentine's Day love Snooki bare its. So violation is whether. So there hasn't been. It's. Like miss connections on the and I. Good morning will once this issue lies hook him up with a girl and his hair salon. Yes please but I think that's. Hezbollah Hezbollah and it whoever wanna be surrounded by beautiful women can you think of a better place and met. Well I don't know I'm bald by 'cause I. Visible change is like every three we now. A lot of beautiful house speaker broker here yes indeed these dead on any any Solana has beautiful and always working aren't you guys are beautiful tale yeah. There's a girl that works there super and does she also lose speaks Spanish and I kinda have a thing for girls I can do multiple languages. I'd just like gather just sit there executive meeting and anyway well I want as drought but I can't I wanna caller when she's at work you know if I ask her out and she has to like. Put me out hole did you get another corporation I get shot down or just like hey you know bad Qaeda as there's something so well. Which you guys my daughter army. Now an iron off is she stylist who will what does she do this alone. She works at front that's just kind of like helps you know people behave very you know becoming excited she takes a mental stuff like that it and that they got SARS we've been there one time but at that he would wrote Q do it. Fox guy says scary judge her because it's always better for the girl to contact the girl right yes you did. So that was easy I just called the salon actually Mobley the manager at personally caves so here's what review an and they were all actually feel excited about it. Yes hooker and I were to do than recent out of injustice previous I don't know. That show will marina is gonna hold the whole time and if you're ready rejection jury now. LO. I. It's. Alex is surely when I think you've agreed to come on with this for our miss connections other radio and well who is a customer at the salon and thinks very highly Ngo and has she did one BJ askew out well is on the phone right now and he's just under lieutenant. Weird askew or to call you show we have kind of facilitated this meeting show who had little. I'm Elena. I damn I am a good chance you swept his tariffs. I mean really yeah. I am glad that I'm single I think not okay this is what happened and we know who Lee is as you noticed someone told you madam. Well I didn't hit him and I and there about him play the final cut its hair. We declare Shea about well. She got him he's spent that he is really nice guy eight I live and that it is she really couldn't I'm her client. I actually live there and right now I am I wearing. When he does live. Mean I already man break you. I may I. I looked up. OK all I'm left for Nicole will part you guys take note severe customers. Yeah now let me say or not lonely you know when you come back we IQ now that we care. I I love. They really listening and that's nice ABC like little cards on bird there emails on your birthday and write what you know I think like when I didn't hear Seles shall my idol once a year yet shall still be like Roger dogged him that that's funny you. Myself I'm not to talk to us and just tired as well enjoy the tranquil feeling of your fingers are declared the scissors. Seriously this thoughts eyebrow. I marine he loves the fact they use speak Spanish because. Think that's very sexy. I. Like this sexy guy I had that. Maybe just like sudden. And I am began here at nine Primerica me and I am. When it releases its our officials beat him in Spanish and that's not a problem at all. OK you know but I will Gena Lee Spanish. I do yeah. I didn't love the way out. Hold paid out to sit there and smile letter. Show will have a dance how about you ask. Marina out on a date in English and Marino will respond to you in Spanish and if it's not good we won't tell you what she said. Austrians Victoria like this. OK ever read we you wanna go out and they were great. I. Per cent. I had all this time to come up with something and that's what you've got. I. A little throat out okay. Very. I would look I have to take you out of the gate would you please go out with me I would. Sincerely. Do every. Things that it element of our yeah. Our guys glad. I Guinea milk went deep water could be thank Alabama and I let you Dion. I became evident I'm all about I mean I think everybody act. I heard CNN that's got to be god Alex. Actually I was pushing it forward to. I only want analyses it. Yes it was given no way in hell I'm going out well. Yeah decade says it should be very excited gas to be going out and will also that's awesome. I did you bag it and Cynthia I looked and it. Pretty did you do his mom and dad. I. Oh congratulations. Silky. And the I had. Do your homework on will marine and think it is clear he's good notes.