{LISTEN} Has This Demonstration Sport Ever Been in the Olympics?

Tuesday, February 13th

Demonstration Sport - An obscure sport added (to the Olympic games/other sporting events) to see if people like it.

With this definition, can you guess what demonstration sports have been in the Olympics as Booker shares them with Alex and Sara? Play along.


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And the star of the Winter Olympics is seventeen year old Chloe cam she won and the gold. Yesterday and she's only seventeen years old women's snowboard half pipe. And she's been training since she was four years old her parents are from South Korea which makes this even more special. Because she returns back to her parents homely and to win the gold in the Olympics she was too young to compete in Sochi and she's just adorable. I adorable Richie she just three languages. She's Smart unbelievable. They here's the thing about the the door. Competition may get three tri ace. And her first try was so good that nobody even came close to her so she just killed they had competition in ended up winning gold. And she need to need to do to gamble it was a third attempt that she had the best score she is dead because smaller he had so awesome so anyway that's one of those and figure skating is the number one in support. And in the Winter Olympics and people get excited about a lot of other sports sound like. I don't even know with this is like I haven't even heard of this or I can't tell you what what this Mena house. Klondike or whatever to call my real guided that there aren't any demonstration events at the Olympics this year that's where an obscure sport. Is added to see if people like. Are engaging receiving unit bring back the following but in the pats are having been a lot of demonstrations. Charlotte. Demonstrations board. The Olympics are Hank snowball spike TV no. It sounds like they'd probably try to at some point. Snowball fighting has never been Olympic sport although it absolutely should be don't you think. A lot of rules being you and Aaron gets knocked out first are gonna work on there's no I get hurt and get offender and it scheme ballet Elsinore and it's. Yes absolutely tell. An oblong and no way. They've never tried that there was a demonstration event at the Winter Olympics in 19881992. It never became an official Olympics where because organizers decided it was an athletic enough. I. Sled dog racing shared notes you have a friend in Alaska the dozens. I do she's done both Iditarod and Yukon quest I would think that it has been an Olympic sport in the passer demonstration. I. Can't believe it's not I mean this is ideal for winter situation as today it has been a demonstration. It has been and it's still no official Olympic sport but it was a demonstration in 19321952. And 1994. I guess part of the reason as to those sled dog races they go over you know a thousand miles and and there in the back back legs yeah oh. It would take the entire Olympics and how would you really cover it. I mean you're government helicopter drone now. Answer but I mean he's brought he's demonstrated it three times you can make it into it I mean that's like. Three times charmed. With the dogs keep the medals are the human hunter question. You have to ask my my homey said the hip hop grooves from Alaska the tribe called Yukon quest. Speed skiing at wearers gears just bought it straight down hill as fast as possible. Scheme yes that is ever ban. A demonstration. Animal and so that sounds so dangerous it is but yes you're right share. Wow they hit speeds over 140 miles an hour during the 1992 Olympics that's fast I don't watch that on you jam the dude but they got hold after a skier from Switzerland. Died during a practice run well. And I wouldn't bullets. Do we let ice fishing ice fishing is an ever gonna demonstration Miller. Mean got to pull up the mass pop. Yeah Lee are loud and mean NBC was showing a lot of it in Minnesota when the C rules going on. The ice fishing yeah it's never been Olympics. Regular fishing though isn't unofficial sport at these Summer Olympics how boring I wanna do I Stacey does it look fun down low and now I'll hold dear and.