Listen: How Booker injured his leg running with the bulls

Monday, July 9th

Did you know that Booker broke his leg in MULTIPLE places running with the bulls? Listen to the full story! 

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Good morning we are Booker Alex and share and New Orleans when my favorite cities in the world is turning 300. 300 years roll out New Orleans is to put that in perspective that's a really really really long time. The running of the bulls has been happening for 400. Years a hundred years longer. Then New Orleans is even Bennett city. Pretty amazing it's a launched any tradition. Happens hill town call Pamplona Spain and it's always been in my bucket list. Something under way Diaw all eyes of Bremen able to run with the bulls in five years ago I decided I was gonna realize my dream and I was in did you sell why. Hit up a friend of mine who goes every single year and at the time it didn't really know him that well I just knew he wouldn't I was like it looked. If I'm gonna do I wanna do with someone who knows what they're doing right. I don't my traveling. I'm myself but when it comes to doing something like dish. I wanna be in the now. Is there registration similar show of five K in the states that you read a surge at the bulls as a walk on out there and you start running by you have to Wear white feels like everybody's wearing white or did you just where weight because that's the tradition that's a tradition DO animated half. Noted though you don't have to let everybody dies that's the thing rights and that's all you do if you were white rendered certain names for it by. So it starts off on Sunday and and so what. Is like Saturday hard time but anyway so. The first two days over the weekend and show people from all over the different countries come in and they run and then they go back home that go to work on Monday. So. It's very very busy and and crowded and very dangerous and most dangerous time. Joyce a lot not get a run that day because I don't get injured that's that's right John just to stand here on this balcony I'm gonna watch it all go down and it takes a pictures just like to. You know do photographs. Show I I took pictures and I saw everything when I was like OK I'm ready to the next day. I'm gonna do this and we wake up really really early and there today at this point I start to make a lot of friends because. Seeing people go every single year right there's this huge congregation. And dev because of my friend that I. That I will Wear I met a lot of other people's cell I was and I introduced to a lot of different people. And dad they're gonna show me what they do they are all good you know everybody's got their little spot like we literally start wherever you want and I chose to start this one little spot they call it hamburger turn and they said this is probably one of the safest spots. Because the bulls will come around we'll go down this road. And then. Their gonna have to make this like sharp turns the symptoms that kind of slide. And the slowed down so coming around this turn. It's probably one of the safest is an early going that fast so Q what you need to go claim a spot the morning you're gonna run. Whenever you whine I mean I got down there like it's 730 I think because Iran starts at 8 o'clock and the way it works is the eagle here a out rocket launch. They're two rockets the first rocket means that the doors have opened. And the second rocket would jesus' sect. Oh seconds later means that all the bulls have laughed okay. And then once you leave you just a what you hear the rocky start running no matter where you are so worried they're very very end. Because they like to follow the ball at all the bulls end up political plot to del Toro. Which is the big bull fighting ring right so all those bulls that are running that day in their eight days of runs show. All the bulls that are running that day go into the ring and then their hoarded and you a little area and the those of the bulls that are used for the bull fight later that night. You with me to seek running kiss your running away from doubles is. I whipped the bull riding with doubles and you start running the bulls will catch up to unilateral no matter lied and then you run with them as far as you can and then they're gone it's just a matter refuse seconds because target. So much faster than the exhilaration of running next well that's exactly right. Show I'm writing and all this and I hear that little footsteps. Are big footsteps. Of these bulls. And they come up it's I'm were I am running side by side with them. In all this and I feel myself go down as it all exhilarating writes I don't remember a whole lot except for the fact that. I'm down on the ground and I made don't really know what to do I try to stand up act he for whatever reason. I look over to the side and there's this whole attacks the wall. I kind of would. We go my way over and I start. Pulling myself up and looked out my later flop. And a girl legs are flocking mightily got a pay my right leg right leg lock. D'Amico practices they're. No blood that I see. So I should back down again and all this and the bulls have passed and I received a whole bunch of people come over to me and I start cutting my pants. And they are asked me much questions what's your name or are you from Howell the and I'm answering these questions and they're like okay what your league is broken in Iguchi out here. Okay trying to process all look at your full on shock I can't feel a thing I feel nothing freezing our bodies do that adrenaline I don't feel anything did you shattered my lake in six places and I could not feel that you shouted related to exploit this week with that because you've got ran over viable. Well that's the good story and that's a story we check it tell because. That's really like the most amazing story. Unfortunately they really collect that as we were running yet there was a guy right behind me that we down and his head. We and I figured this out later on to the pictures. His head went right into the back of my knee which read it buckle and how. Hit hedge shattered your leg in six different places. Six fractures a treaty. So The Who really crazy parties here I am down that the guy tells me that might lead is broke act and all this and I hear shouting at Spanish right shutting. And. I looked up and I see one of the bulls had gotten away from the herd in turn around and start running back towards us who. Also not everybody surged jumping up and moving around like. The crowd with a broken leg can't do anything well fortunately he turned back her ouster and the other way and then they they put me on a stretcher and carried me off it wasn't until I was in the ambulance on the way to the it the hospital is that that they may call the hospital and it was until then I started feeling pain. And what's where in the ambulance on the way the hospital I was like oh crap the scanner and how many days did you have to stand Spain. So I always that it was a matter of what am I gonna get in in my attic is at some of the most amazing surgeons there because as what they do. Eight people broken legs from Brian doubles yup OK and because it's weirdest thing if you get injured running with the bulls medical cures for. So the case. That's part of the thing yeah that's part of the thing you feel like you are glad you meet run. Doubles if you almost Diet Coke adult fiction for free cell. This happened up on Monday ha and I go into the hospital on Monday and then I had the decision of if I was gonna allow the Spanish doctors to. Operate on me or if I was gonna go back home and am Buick here yet and ultimately after realizing that I would be in a hotel room. With people because I spoke. Very very I spoke restaurants Spanish. And even had a order Wacom NSA at and I cannot get by show is it was a huge. Language barrier NA the my hook my hospital room had no AC. Fortunately I was necks of the window but it was very very hot and it was obviously in July or early July and I'm. I had no AC and I was roomed with a guy that kept cardinal time again grateful for the women out. By those three things factor it into the fact it was not gonna get surgery so I was in Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday. Friday. I took the train to Madrid. And my flight was Saturday. And I would to the airport and their like yeah you can't play home. So again because of the language barrier. Saturday. Sunday. Monday. I'm stuck in Spain until I upgraded 2500 dollars to get an upgraded fair where I can have mightily. Elevated the entire time. And I finally got them on Tuesday. And then you came here to the states and had surgery. I came here to the states and to my gosh I wanted to have it a lot I wanted to have surgery at wit with the same doctor that I was and am a follow up care with would you again a hundred. Victory. Kind of person I can't wait anybody wanna join me tomorrow so I don't. I'll still going strong and.