{LISTEN} Missed Connections - Boot Camp

Wednesday, May 16th

Casey asks Booker, Alex, and Sara for help in getting a boot camp instructor, Aaron, to take a chance on her. Tune in to hear how it all works out (pun intended)! 

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Yeah before seven Chloe Kardashian posted that the first thing she ate. After giving birth was McDonald's hash browns. When asked when she's very craving McDonald who is like right after they offered me two million dollars to mention half. So why cut era I think Booker Alex and Sarah will track him down. After this connection. He forced seven. Casey he wants to ask got her trainer Ed did you have a good morning Casey I'd. Let's start off with how you guys met. All right well I signed up for what about thirty days into public eye again and he is my car. Is so hot dogs. Out of it they didn't triggered it you know there are questions I thought that these very access. And I can into the death credentials Islamic extremists but I want and I count my purse before I lose that I have which Kennedy you know. All right show you what you elegant thirty. Yeah exactly yeah I made it before I thought that the that everybody that I app. Exactly. And I assume he's earlier shape to. Some hot but it got a punch error when your minutes trailers and I'm sitting on the ugly yeah. Exactly. The governor Ameritrade. Well obviously is very easy to find him because we give his name review exactly where you work. And airing agreed to join us for miss connections all noses somebody wants to talk to him on the radio show if you have your ready case. Hey Aaron. Thank you again for coming holidays are segments called miss connections. And there is a girl named Casey who is in New York. Boot camp and she's not going to be joining the jam but now that she's done with the boot camp she was kind of hoping in that case you are shared first. Hi how are you know. I have my I'm I'm good kicker you don't. Casey's policy she found you to be extremely attractive and she's interested in going out here. Oh am I guess thank you big question is are you available now are you are you single. Yeah I I I am single the one probably that I eat I actually don't really remember. Who is he is. Right. Okay there's like a lot of people on the class. Did yeah I had entered there's there's like 25 to thirty people in this class I'm assuming I do like seven classes a week on the I'm seeing hundreds of people now on top of that. If it's just that thirty days saying then I haven't really like gotten to know our. Casey. What would you describe yourself. Hi I'm done and I am. I don't in blinds. I am. Saying he's kilogram. Pretty cute and lighten. The load. Yeah I've day is that the couple people better. That a kind of like this. I tried everything that's out. This is kind of weird what if we connected to a view and you guys can text and maybe exchange pictures you know she knows exactly which you look like here and but maybe Casey could shoot him a picture. And if you know works out it works out of the dozen a dozen are are we would you be gala got iron. Yeah yeah that that be great are you OK with KCO yeah out. Sure you know I knew about it and thought 00. Crap it's tough tasteful and release a national. Benefit.