{LISTEN} Parent Confession - Accidental Giveaway

Thursday, February 22nd

Imagine throwing out the tape of your child's birth...that's what this parent did. Unbelievable. 


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Here are saying is sell all difficulty and just you know that you're not alone in this world we created something called. Names have been changed to protect the guilty she NL what do you confessing about. What happened when I decided to get rid of my kid own plane and promote children's dvd but again. I accidentally got rid of something that really matter to me. That was in what other choice and I had copied over and recording on dvd. The birth the birth of my children I'm that was in the back. It does its act on these you know these precious memory bank. I thought oh no I panicked when like how I the united and I even went that church where at home. Given the donation. And I went to. Bad and I'd. I couldn't find him so those memories locked because you know I had to get rid of my signal up. Mommy mommy mommy just doesn't look like a ladder and see.