{LISTEN} Parent Confession - No Spare Diaper

Friday, February 16th

After forgetting the diaper bag, this mom is forced to create a makeshift diaper after her daughter has an accident on the airplane.


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Every parent gets to a point where their light in my view of the singer right well odds are that other scares me the same mistakes so we put something together we call a names have been changed protect the guilty Maria what is your confession. So I went in late two year old Florida or would you that he didn't. And we were on a clean and I realize that you're sitting on the planet mean simply mayhem in case. Protect that person and you're fine you. That we realized on the screen when you look at the into the ravine to the bathroom. That I don't have. It's somehow. Like put it where it at her go let it I don't have. You her. This gap that the three are playing like he's. See very potty train. Sometimes that she has stressed out that she had a back. There are as I aid. Anything to help her solidly in the airplane bathroom at her. Like trying to sneak a daily prayer out of those horrible keepers. And skiers. And that anything is in the late. You couldn't find another parent on board that had a day Turk. Home my guy so little Kursk's.