{LISTEN} Rachel Platten Screws Up National Anthem

Monday, April 16th

Fans try and help Rachel Platten sing the National Anthem after she forgets the lyrics more than twice!


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47 kind topless woman was arrested outside a Bill Cosby sexual assault trial after she jumped the barrier in charge of the comedian respondent Cosby. I think a little like court today. Are you Rachael Flatt and she's that you go girl pop singer had the hit song fight so. AA as she's cute must other she's actually I still yet. A great sort of our whole sheet we we chatter first several things most recently affirmed raring make shelling we. Absolutely adore her and she's like that the woman behind female power anthems. Well she was up performing over the weekend the National Anthem at a women's soccer match. And the all it is one of the worst. National anthems I've ever hurt I don't know why don't some Vera typically I'm very critical a National Anthem singer she screwed up because I believe that is an honor to be able to perform the National Anthem. And if you have the chance to do show you've got to get a right right there's no room for error zero room for air. But in this case I feel so bad for her. Like you said Alex I mean my heart just goes out to her because. She is it a sweet sweet girl and you may be the nurse got the best bridal knowledge it's surprising to me for something that performs every single night but. I'm awful at memorizing things but I'm not like going around the field and a National Anthem. But if I need to go do it I mean why isn't a stadium like run on the Jumbotron the lyrics. But like for the stands a ball long and saying god and if you're seeing here and you get into this predicament like racial planned dead no doubt. Because we should know now there's no zero UCLs earlier so that's just in case an elite here's a thing if you wanna get crowd participation don't church sing it in the crowd look up and it's on the job. Now I was a flag it's not a hatred and I'm going it's not a karaoke night eagle haven't eagle going and now stop. Now. You should know now that if America can lender to learn that you know lyrics is sweet Carolina we've. I'm only here and internationally and now you have a very good point there. There's just no excuse to mass of the worst the National Anthem all that being Chad. I'll pour Rachel are are you all are. I don't know. It's driving you might wanna pull over okay because I don't want any accidents this is about as bad as again it's all right in my heart just I'm my god is off Oregon. Then the. Sir relief. I. Turnover. Beyond. Me. It's. Yeah. It's. Okay. Okay. We're. Okay. Okay. Oh okay. Yeah. And I am. You know I'm glad we're just seem mean and she was nerve is singing and sometimes you know you're supposed to know something and then it makes it even harder. Mr. Cheney is the. Think she's been on so many big stages in tour in America that he's done this before she's a performer army she had thousands of people watching we did our Mary makes showed any cell estimates there. That some days you just have Daytona. No no word on except your hang out. No no. If you are twelve year old and you win the National Anthem contest and you're able to perform any script the lyrics will give you a little bit leeway but you're a multi award winning record. According artist. There's zero. Leeway and like he said and the IR Lara I said we should put the lyrics of the National Anthem on the Jumbotron for man's. Like he said no way we should know that same goes for the singer just because she had a bad if she should know. No I know she should she knows that I just feel bad for her I do yeah all year probably feels off full riot. You leave it on purpose and I have accidents there thank god for all the explosions and fireworks is how they got.