{LISTEN} Sara's Dating Diary Galentine's Day

Tuesday, February 13th

Galentine's Day - The ultimate female friendship celebration. A day in which may be bigger than Valentine's Day for many ladies.


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Safe for seven on Friday night there was a cyber attack injunction someone attacked. The official Olympic website and took out Wi-Fi in the stadium. During the opening ceremonies which is devastating thousands of people had to wait until they got back to their hotels supposed to answer Graham as a real match. First there is dating diary on May. CS all baby tees that we're gonna talk about how much to spend on your Valentine but I Kemp who really track that today. Is the most important holiday bird girls ever. Maybe bigger than Valentine's Day so in case you were awaiting buyers seeds of that information the average guy spends 41 dollars. The average girls beans 26 dollars. And the best gift in my opinion to give someone you'd just started dating is something homemade homemade dinner homemade cookies homemade cake or homemade pies something that's just my opinion. Okay back to the most important holiday of all holidays that ever ordered. Today. Is d'alene times day so backing 2000 intend Amy Poehler scared her arm parks in Iraq. Less sleep nope creating downtime stake it is the ultimate female friendships celebration. In the words of Leisle nope every February 13 my ladies and I lever husbands and our boyfriends at home and we just coming kick get breakfast style. Late eighty celebrating early eighties it's like Lilith fair minus angst. Plus for Titus it's only the best save of the year or so since its inception. Downtown and seeing is actually grown in popularity and appeal and is celebrated all over the world with different types of celebrations taking place. It is so popular that now you can get gallon pines state cards and gifts and broke Allentown and state parties. Many companies make special gift baskets in jewelry and sin did he handles. In popular DIY at home decorations sites like HDTV. Have an abundance of articles on how does throw and bake. Gallon Tynes day party even Khloe Kardashian and blog about it CN no it's legit. Real talk life has been so much better because of my girlfriend so stats are my best friend Qi and it's Jennifer Alexis Elizabeth Lori and Lindsay Cassidy married Kelly had very key. That's too many as friends brought. I don't know that. 700 best friend asks I have a lot of friends and I've been single for a lot of time and they tend to accumulate through different life stages so if your single. Please invest the time finding girlfriends they weren't will be there through all the dating. All the break ups and all the happy times. And gallon tank today that and are married and instead. In other ways for the female the stretch out valentines is part of our party on Valentine's Day. Or I beg you share we are bunker Alex is Gerri this is big night for seven biggie so much for listening.