{LISTEN} Sara's Stand Up Act

Wednesday, May 16th

If you weren't able to make it out to Cap City Comedy Club to hear Sara's stand up act last night, then you can hear it here! You're in for a treat!

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Yourself Kim Jung un might cancel his big meeting with trump because the US and South Korea haven't stopped their joint military exercises. Troubles like she just to be safe than canceling all of my exercises. Started after Mozart comedy festival shares it you know. I don't think I'd be good stand out by. I would like to try it because I like to challenge myself. You do things that I'm really scared about doing that this year and stand up was something that I'm really scared to do. And now like while I'm really impressed by that Sarah and she had a couple ideas flown in her head and then. Now like an hour before she got to onstage last night and city content she were at some jokes and she can't work something out when we first start talking about it. On the air and it was all full if you so I had a really low expectations. That was dead down that was kids or go end its like I said earlier in the early got a lead going into a movie that you nosy be awful. Like our I did you study on Watson and like being pleasantly surprised yeah well. Alex anomaly there were like guerrilla who we just fake laugh. I mean just pretend like it's funny no matter what I got a supporter girl had I not you're just stayed with. Now I don't know we are I I'm a 100% sincere and honest like he had his he blew us away when I when I say that could not have been any more proud to be could not have been any more birdie a matter of fact. You say you're gonna do two to three minutes tops and going five match. Change. My house and Hillary netted yeah you are twice as long as you thought a year ago. And I even thought about what we're gonna play this back although it will all just edit out the highlights yet publicly you know what she's not really fair. Because. People who were there last night to cap city got to see the whole thing. And I feel the forgo the playback on the radio. They deserve to hear the whole thing. Is after we get is I. I'm I didn't take out any of your arms are you set a home a lot which is kind of a crutch for people who win their nervous and I get it but she kept afloat she kept it flowing and and this is real this is Raleigh she's. Unedited this is one. A 100%. Exactly what it's like you can't city comedy club Sarah got up onstage for the very first time. Ever to do stand out the amazing share odds were never about. I guess. I am. This is a little bit scared by answer a lot of you guys are practicing jokes lessening your marriage is hoping that you weren't gonna forget everything that many got up here. I was holding me nice king inner rage in my hands because it is the closest thing next to me. Does have a lottery it is in my house a not a gross person and I see where I just live may create. Come and it's a lavender raid because violate them to be relaxed and made I. And I am an ethical person. This is a little stressful though I woke up. And my computer wasn't working which meant although it jokes that I wrote today you were her possibly not gonna happen. Also I got my paycheck and it wasn't as big as I wanted it to be it never is. And I grabbed firm might scenes and I started putting my and they were tight now is like well I am done I'm just gonna like go back to bed sealed a deal this de sacs. And that really is near my skinny jeans and you know at the skinny jeans are there the genes you buy and they kind of sit five years ago and then you've kept them. Because of the diet your biggest surge. Grave. It's gonna happen and these didn't even might pull up to my need a couple of late months ago and I was able to poem all the way on and net cash. The act fairly African Disney song in my house my dogs seeing and like the cockroaches Hurley did a little Condo lag. It was really setting time but you know when you put on skinny jeans on your back to sleep Israeli legislate out here. Sitting yet to put stinks and and then it's a slate I don't know where this is it but it pushes it like somewhere else it's magic. And here. So I want nice to name so wash my hair it's is a big deal if you know me see your welcome. And IA wanted to put a nice shirt I'm in as I was walking in someone's like oh my Kucera he looks so cute I love your shirt. That's like thinks it's okay I added at target it was like 999 like no big deal Ali and I'm really like it. And dad and she of course said partly what Turkey as a T think they still have it's I go deadly. What target no Blake then I have to decide if I wanna tell her a lie that I actually got a four years ago instead of four days ago because I don't want her to copy need. And asks me is solid ten like why can't girls take a compliment. And I don't think it's because we're trying to become law I think it's because we're playing being never ending girl game of who is better. I've been playing it for a long time racy little lunch with a girl. And she orders a salad and you don't want her out do you see you order the salad like no crew times no cheese no dressing like just let this because. You are healthier than her. Same thing goes on it comes 7999. Top of her friends says oh I love your top things is not nanny nine from target then you have to be lake we'll minus streak they got it at a clothing swap with homeless people. No big deauth. I'm so. Look. A little weird for me when and I was in middle school had a strong affinity fur flannel shirts for Melo beam. Like I would get LL bean catalog regular mom David Greenland now I have to have it. And it's you might think that's probably why she didn't kiss a guy until Shuster when he theory. That's partly its Treo but I also think they can pinpoint it to when I was thirteen years old. And my best friend's mom came into the kitchen. And she's so excited to tell me something to think Sera. I know what celebrity you look like. And a long list celebrities in the entire world Hewitt thirteen years old book clay. Sea levels to mean brothel. And I was late moon in nineteen perhaps we'll have greatly. She had a pretty year me view greatly you know thirteen year old wants to be called singing Graf locust you're basically telling me I am I in the front piece brands. Tell hot Uma Thurman and it turns it back Katzen ducks and that's not great but I live MI prophecy as Geneen Graf cloak his fifth. What is that middle school high school in college you know activities like issue lesbian I don't know her clothes say yes that her boy ABN. Obsession says now. Look. But I did like Lance so boom I don't really now. Well you know. Yeah as. And let's. Add that I didn't think I tell eyes Sony three like you probably think it was really exciting when I was turned 43 but it wasn't it was horrifying because. Most guys went to their first concern thirteen Brad poker on the to side of something like that. Yes see a lot of experience I had no experience whatsoever I only had experience that I ask jeeves like how do you kiss a guy. Like dude dude does the girl kiss the top or the bottom land. And what do you do at a time and that is it good to practice on your hand which I did zero. I did practice knowing he had. And so when I was Tony three I finally get to kiss a guy for the very first time of course I'm just fixated to touch you guys slips like I'm just excited to have his breast near mice these. He really is Blake I concerns that it detach her brood and other things so is Lindsay and agrees with my DUIC ended up on like oh hell no. Buddy true love waits Ekpe true love waits after that does it here. I had to hide under the desk in another room. Since you're right yeah I. Thought oh dear you come off the stage feeling like a can get pretty good and I say it was the coolest feeling ever I mean Dick you know maybe your thing is not stand up to it. Prepare for something that totally scary is GO. And to going do it and then I'm really bad about letting friends and gamely in sometimes often go do things that scare me. But I do them alone his own he'd he'd notes and he's a knock at the last night from my best friend showed up my boyfriend was there and they are supporting me and it was. That cool list. Healing ever like I can go to sleep last night awesome I ate cookies at bed and I'll watch some reruns of your day and I just felt proud of myself snow. Well we were very very proud of you may vary vary I am I could not have been more I'm excited for you because I thought he did such an amazing job and a. It was like alimony comedy shows but I was expecting like this so not the bad but just like OK there's a lot of new b.s there's a lot of people what they're gonna be. Trying out stuff smells like this to go really really long but I mean I was blown away by Sarah and I was also blown away by everyone else out there I. I don't care it's gonna be the best I thought when she got a stage really worlds just downhill from the hero but yes why I couldn't. People. Our national down again just listener you got up onstage for the very first time ever we're gonna play some of our favorite jokes coming up now.