{LISTEN} Throwback Thursday

Thursday, April 26th

Can you guess what year it was? Listen in to the clues Booker gives and see!

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47 again does that read that Playboy is hosting an after party for Saturday's white house correspondents' dinner. Can be weird when trumps gifted in every shows up at the after party. Yeah. Today I still like Thursday and bloody year why is it I'm about to give you some clues. All events pop culture that happening in one specific here in history you name the year. You might remember back snoop dog's entourage started a brawl. And London's Heathrow airport after they were denied entry into British Airways first class lounge snoop was banned for life from British Airways. I didn't no matter who you know that they're really good about our normal star of her when Alonso and this is a great story of it's new telling. How he was banned from the UK. But that's when the queen say he has done no wrong. Because our grand babies love me making. Odor grand babies grow to be exactly prints. William and Harry. There is that what it was there a leg where mama. We like his immunity issue I will you know what my unborn babies like you mean then that then in the UK Salim alone. He's welcome to this I love the queen. I can't wait about a out and kiss up upon a lovely and failed to. Assistant this. Rice yes. The queen how bout before the queen you guys shall bow before Val queen. I can you tell how much Ella snoopy golf art and I absolutely love snoop. Matter of fact when I saw Snoop Dogg the house of blues is right after and the need dog died. And he brought out Warren G to do. Regulate. It we stand house and lose the whole time and I was thinking this one of the best shows I've ever Shia tie race and top five month old time for the concert you have flight. Eighty top fives and notre. I'm favorite concerts have you met him. Yamana after the show. We're back. In about died of marijuana in Malaysia. Was he one of the saver this five of the eighties favorites you have if you leave at all times. No easy chair to sit with my girlfriend at the time while you shuttle elements and amp and really settle down. And Nancy good story I mean I guess is she really wanted through over her probably would billing and guy. What a great way to break he's had a breakout was certainly my degree of their growth from what happens is the scenario. I I only go back your shield military Jackson when he needs. Come pick just how I got into a case it got bad from British Airways OK I didn't armory here so far yet it means nothing to me while. This might help a lot Shiloh. Jolie Pitt was named the top baby born in this year. First biological child a realistic couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie you're heard that right you know I've heard of the child DS but don't remember how old the child is I don't know it's one of the child as his ailing eighty elements they had dramatic straight. Before they had is that the keyword is file while I'm biological so but they have two or three that are on them okay are likely she's tanner Simpson now. How about another hack because their town and only that death. Dear mayor herb back in the day FaceBook was only available to college and all I hear how he had to have a dot edu address yes. And then they open it up to everybody okay. Same year. FaceBook today opened up its social networking site to the masses previously only college or high school students or businesses could join FaceBook. But now anyone with a valid email address can join and that's got some people very worried about their privacy and the community that they've come to love. This is very confusing to me I kind of got that and now all of us that is Shiloh is like fourteen years old and Shiloh does not look for teen yeah I might go with 2000 eight's. Karen yeah Hamlin is 2004. It allows is a big difference there so I'd Sarasota Susie just four years different eating shallow as fourteen and. Lessons and all of a sudden shut out I don't think silos fourteen but. FaceBook flipped in like around that time he had lowered 2000 did it 20082006. And 2008 it's an hour yeah. I'm gonna throw movie clue out here for it and what I tell funny moves we've sort of which is an. Larry Grant. Nine I really love this movie and it's not as Sarah Osborn movie matter of fact I admit it there Osborn revenue well. I don't know this is Sarah I'm gonna Benin not on our Jersey and I love I could they would not share Ozzy movie more so than I can tell you know is here Oliver movie. I Sasha baron Cohen's bore that topped the box office job. Should make kids feel cook both of my mother and yes in America that's in her popular joke you have a lot of I don't yes act. You can't six I mean we my mouth and what time six and things and they say it's time with my math and you had sex with him yes. I don't think Americans find it funny now it is not that killer yeah we're talking about arm. Human right yes he has mammogram doesn't do you have any children and my Shimon now know why they could do when I'm. On the. Saving the hour right here Sergio or she were a chorus. And if there's any thought it was funny I think shut after the whole hype you know an and I. I actually surprisingly Booker. A level he dig his I'll love like pranks and stuff flat but I don't think I like goal. After a while this is like out there again and Syria once you like again. It adds I love the idea love that he had the components to go and do that I. I asked her while I was singing and point 2006 now you did did you Iowa what she's HBO showed did you see me actually Alley I've seen it throughout the years. You know probably YouTube clips of different Ali G stuff. Yeah I haven't seen my Dole's latest series RA's very much so airlines I love his wife. All right should show it 2006 for an Alex has moved up to 2006. Areas stay he would 2004 by the recession bear Coen won a Golden Globe for best actor. Musical or comedy. Here we are the last clue. It was on April 26 of these this year. That the case was the number one song on the radio because you have. Anyone. Powder. I say deal slaughter. No not from south Austin. Patter. This is what people would leave American Idol bad and but he doesn't foresee if she doesn't for a 2005 but you know. 2004 kills 9 AMC which doesn't sense are you locked in 2004 locked Meehan SP style and oh yeah. Signature doesn't six monster yeah. Guys they know for the last couple little I was really hoping that you pull out now I will tell you one of you is absolutely right. Of game and the person that answered correctly. They year they Snoop Dogg John your eyes Chicago brawl at London's Heathrow airport news BM for life from British Airways. Show Lee Pitt which borders. FaceBook opened up to everybody. More at top the box office and Daniel pounders that day was an ambulance on the radio. Like to see that I got last week's correct itself. I was not zero last week I gotta correct thing. Tell you I'm a piggyback off or. But I sent a long list there and you guys have a right. Kerry. One week before him and violin just it. Anything else you're now before he's really sure Rodriguez that Iowa and okay very important very important. It on now. But it cleared 2000 instead. It's got. Movie. You know aids yeah it is syndicated in one of the things that you brought up that you said you felt safe it is ABC news she doesn't a currency doesn't four. If I think it was fourteen Brad Pitt's Canon. These kids are fourteen I just had no idea to Della for face that's yeah I really hate that FaceBook Flickr earlier he had no idea I thing. And for some reason I remember about that's next and know for someone's. He's starting 2000 four's share Alex your 2008 and then just split the difference. And you get the correct tier which is 2006. Job.