{LISTEN} Throwback Thursday

Thursday, May 17th

Listen in and see if you can guess the year with the clue Booker provides!

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Excited for seven. Customer information is being compromised. In a recent data breach at the restaurant chain Chile's. And he's customers were furious they like I want my data about data back. Yeah. Always love this part of the week away and if we play what year was it I advice grabs him. Monumental pop culture highlights from one specific here in history all of these things 2011 are from one ear in history Taylor says 2011 a U wanna. I want that answer and now I'm getting Accenture now locked it and now you're very welcome beat imagine. Like you like today's hero as that Palin to be awesome. They're definitely have his aides are you glad now out of that little paws were on their radio in your point had him out. A child gets some foods. And you know what I know for a fact though you're not going to let eighties you never really Cuba last week you tickets so late eighties. This wasn't a leader Joseph Siri is like Jim I know I don't Antonio I don't know that take backlog order. Now I'm not hard enough knowledge and I hear days. This year in history fox canceled America's Most Wanted. 223 years and 1178. Criminals caught. 23 years I've been hosting ratio we've caught almost 12100 people in 35 countries. Thing I'm most proud of we brought almost fifty missing people including Elizabeth Smart and America's Most Wanted founder and brought her home alive. Something you should be proud. You help me change the world you help me save lives. So until I see you I always say you can make a difference you made a huge difference I know what it's like to wait years for justice you save lives and got people just. Any I guess his turned out no but he was my farm former co worker geno. And and worked with him every single day so you should know this. There was a page at NBC in new York and I worked Joan Walsh show idea we it was a John Wall show and we had deeper disarray right we couldn't find an audience every day so. It's pages we were these casual corners navy dresses and asked. And so I worked that John also opted. And I would have to take off my jacket and sit in the firm wrote to be an audience that Ed everyday he becoming a shake everybody's hand and I would have to be so excited to shake your hand again I noticed on Rajon also. And you can speak to this a lot better than I can't because I've only met him a few times but. Every time I seen him he caked on the makeup. I mean it was hey no pressure. And it only and yes absolutely he was seven Nissan and rights dominated most of year old's take of the maker daddy. Look what he has done and what he did with that show not the job loss of good. I. It's amazing it really an ad now and exits now a lot of people and any bill that's how bad is may have like sight gags like I held out of their late nights is like smashing yeah. Son was killed how awful it is amazing what he has done there really is. Arnold Schwarzenegger issued an official statement confirming he had fathered a child with his solo shows Guatemalan housekeeper Mildred vina he had to add Phillips US yeah. They are following a developing story from Los Angeles this morning shocking revelations from Arnold Schwarzenegger. The former California governor now admits he fathered a child with a long time member of get this is how tall. I'm just jaw dropping it was this revelation that apparently led to the break about. I've been a longtime marriage to Maria Shriver the child was born more than a decade ago before Schwarzenegger became governor. So again that's a woman continued toward the sampling get tired after twenty years. She claimed her then husband was the child's father shouldn't say this morning December. I asked the media respect my wife and children in this extremely difficult time smiling deserve your attention and criticism my family does not. Maria Shriver and. I notice he didn't say boy I'm sure of snow he didn't and like serious story fun music have Booker and those were some row I'd sell off Alex Franco give this year. You know what's funny it was Annie it's them. Is I don't know if Sarah would be that off view reluctance on eleven because. It's. It's right around in some acting like that because I was thinking America's Most Wanted and who like in the nineties by early two thousands but. That was pretty recent right that's like 2010 or something. How many usually worked. If it were on a firmer fit here. So at eastern 2013. June 14 I'll stick with 2000 for now they know they're coming in third at the end of thirteen now day when I was fourteen now in day one. Net. Because we started in January and yet yet they wanna sort out those guys you know let's just affecting you don't run around us and so to suspect. That's a life could I get my event I told my wife and only got married she resort disappointment Tom you know well. I like 2010 fish and just like me and protect not just community tends right now that suggests okay this. This is gonna help out a lot Casey Anthony was accused of murdering her daughter Caylee and then this happened in the circuit court for the ninth judicial circuit in four Orange County Florida. State of Florida vs Casey Marie Anthony. Has to the charge of first degree murder. Verdict as to count one we the jury find the defendant not guilty so say we all as to the charge of aggravated child abuse verdict as to count to. We the jury find the defendant not guilty of saying we all as to the charge of aggravated manslaughter of a child's. Verdict as to count three we the jury find the defendant not guilty. So say we all my way as to the charge of providing false information until law enforcement officer verdict as to count for. We the jury find the defendant guilty of providing full information. First and officers charged in the indictment. Thank you Zach convicted of a couple others photo credit with a little bit more vigor still sit well I mean she's a jury Foreman there and. I'm you know what I'm gonna go a little even higher because. The verdict was not that long ago I really got it's I say it's it doesn't sounding like old 2011 or twelve I mean 2012 right now. 2013 2030 as it's nice to twelve while you're out 2013 for use share our right. One last clue OK and then I'm gonna need a locking your answers this was the number one song of the year. Are being. An elite. Handedly. 2013. Thirteen yeah. Well just as it seems well. SharePoint 2013 Alex went 2012. Staff. Just. As big shot in the dark I didn't know where the Oscar. Yeah out 2011. Fox canceled America's Most Wanted. And after 23 years Arnold Schwarzenegger issued an official statement saying that he had fathered a child with his housekeeper Casey Anthony was found guilty. Of a couple of days but not a murdering. Her daughter filing a false information please report. And rolling in the rolling in the deep night downloads and number one's own ball in the year. Don't take one mile to a mile and I. Beyond. Hello. We're communicating we're I don't give us. He's he's secretly selling very highways. I don't know I'm I. The first couple who. It was like did Sarah. You know I never TT wildlife and I just citizen why did. Glory and off. My citing mounting but how excited we would have never gotten the clue is if you miss a lot today. So bad edit walking downhill it's it is Davis Stephen. They play a song not. Congratulations Sarah oh you'll really and I get there IE had a very good again. Here's what IA I I recommend buying a powerball or scratch awful about it today because I think in my yearly yes it is second read your mind time.