{LISTEN} Waiting By the Phone - Cart Girl & Peter Pan

Monday, April 16th

Paige is wondering why she was left waiting by the phone after a night of drinks and "such." Tom explains why there's no need to further their relationship.


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47 and oh yeah because. In Albany new York and woods people exercise would go to the way it works is it doesn't it. Apple remote on those 300. Hey it's hot okay Mitch. She medic got a golf course. War on the cart girl your girl and her and we're learning sort of on the court and then I come again and lows clubhouse. And that he gave me his card team and united acts. Can you call them or got options tax the lemon we got loud and Jenks had a great time in a great night. Yeah. And it hit it. Oh hole. Pick a young nine. Yeah outs and so great difference and I'm I and then well he just won't texting Packard talking warrior anything at all as. Diana and I don't you to go forward and important I just. There is something there and that he wanted to check out again. The obvious here is it that's exactly looters looking for and now he's not inched anymore. Well I mean it may be but it just didn't seem like bat. Eleven just a hook up. Is settled boring story still saying like as Lula took care that blurred now move and I and I think for some guys maybe Biden. And I for anybody else and I know now good. The thing. How long awkward bottom. My Rolodex and it's like well maybe there is an honor and a competitor. I do we know Tom Tommy is his name show or column supreme your column and find out what we're wrong okay. Be prepared. In case Sereno hurt your feelings and I'll be prepared for him to say yeah I mean that's already been added unfortunately I feel it's any worse. Diana. Oh hello Tom it's Booker Alex and share were calling from X 94 sevenths when this is Tom right. Just social trees prayer she were calling you because page contacted us and she wanted us try to find out what happened with you and why you're not returning your calls or door she'd always a great night together. Yeah yeah I mean you didn't. You know it can actually reach. Number we same thing Els talent I had your alleged other pages on the phone. Oh boy page. I AA that there's just no way Kenya help Paige understands what's happening hardly ever returner tax. Boyd. But for. You know we knew we could turn out great and 88 enjoy your company. It's you know that was believe it was what it was. I shocked. I mean. Army and I'm I'm I'm in my forty and you are in your and use so you know you do the math on that. That is in the dating relationship you know. He did go out with terrorized. I mean greedy we did go out. We went out to dinner and I'm such. But that was it. So I should. I. Critics called I. But it thanks for car and then even the playing earned aphorisms such. Yeah I I I don't I don't know what else to say I didn't. So we're seeing that on that because you're in your forties and she's their twenties they you don't wanna date her but you did wanna hook up. For such. Yeah I mean yeah. And I NN I know I know that's not bad you know sound bad but it's. Let's be honest each other and yet that's what I want and what. I'm OK it was an age difference look I but it comes down to it I'm not gonna data cart girl. While Thomas APP and there are a lot of them and Austin what does that mean that's a man in his forties that doesn't wanna settle down that's still acting like he's in this when he said. That's exactly right tell your Peter hands if they think that it. Up. We attended him home page and so sorry sort of Ron hunt served silence. Giuliani does mistakes and you should get a green Nigel how are you just say look I had a great night I learned and you know I'm gonna consider that next time. We are in ET Dionte the guys that are members of the area facility and be a good idea to. General you know I thought you know I thought he might feel the larger. Vessel regular lap it's he's competed and yeah she wanted to hear that great care.