{LISTEN} Waiting by the Phone - Krista and Darren

Monday, February 12th

Darren has been left waiting by the phone, wondering what went wrong on a date he thought went well. Once the trio calls Krista up, she admits that he talks far too loud for her. See if this is a make or break in setting up a second date for the two.


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Safe for seven toy of Florida yesterday had to be rescued by firefighters after he climbed into a clot style arcade game and got trapped. It's at firefighters for hours and almost 500 corners. Coming close to you understand that awful feel franchise like what happened where they go wrong and work in helping get answers Daryn good morning. Marin Darren tell us why you're waiting by the phone. Well basically what happened when I got the number of a bartender title bar. Just around the corner for me a little Lugar well. We met up projects at another bar and you know it was great and now getting like a bit of a weird vibe from harm. Really like to take erratic yet and I'm doing all the things that I think they should do them calling our and I asking our actual deep quiet them getting coasted. And there was no problem you know setting up the first stage. But I'm pretty baffled as to why there's knows second day. Well listen let us give her call and she was she has to say great. Classics we read it. Guys and Austin ghost against girls due to. I hello Chris showed. Playbook early should share with mixed nanny for seven man board dual radio show are now waiting by the phones a segment they your honor we just have a couple questions we like asking is that can. Edge I also let you know that guarantees on the phone Darren apparently when now with and he said that he had AM a wonderful time with you and and and thinks they you're a very very cool woman Biden you have not responded to his request for second dates are we thought that we will comment be the middle people just constantly needed ground. I don't know why we're now. Indy waiting bond but it his is voices so loud. And it's just like. When grating on my ears. It was so loud we're working in a bar and my ears are always tired and then beyond that date with someone who. And boy literally hurts my ears it's it's too much. I am dying laughing at you saying your ears are always higher than I've ever heard that lets people at a bar you always listen other people's stories I can see how your ears get tired. Dads especially young have music in your bar and stuff like that don't you just us doing air show my ears get tired too late when I go home and it's quiet. These its own. Syria and is anyone yelling and barriers. That would Darren. Dang I mean. I think he was trying to be Alan my ears so be it weight just like. Get advice from here are you allowed talker. Art and did not. That our water I yes I do. He's very happy I am and acts like deer and starts his worries descends like Sorrell and they just like Beasley gradually going up is also I was doing this and then you know. Well than I did that and I went to write my body. Non and I got on when that I want to do. This so our area and sense I'm getting Daryn his earlier answer yes or at least that's my first impression we talked him. But you did talk before her rate because he asked you out. Yeah I mean the first level you know it apart it was fine if everybody has an idea how he you know I didn't really notice that and the second time it was kind of a quiet place. And I mean it was so loud and everyone could hear everything we were saying that people are. That's funny I wore urged gaffe and rarely show to talk earthquake. But only to be really quiet show let's you and I pretend like we're on the date so tell me who would you like to do in you know you know working. Well. I certainly. Can talk much. Oh. You're free to sell. Yeah. It's satisfied me. That it would a few words on it and I maybe second go around the bill better. And a much insights. I say. I don't think that Google. And I ages are what you Vizio never shares the same now lay these out as she's being in China. Now you know like Christian was not issued a second day and obviously this is who you are no you certainly shouldn't change but maybe we'll cognizant of that know that some people have been demolished or just bring your sanity. It's early very Danish vessel itself brown he's the guy he sounds like they add sound like she might be a little tired may. Even in the same it's. Okay and small slice.