{LISTEN} Waiting by the Phone - Nipple Piercing

Monday, April 23rd

Will Madison let Bryce's nipple piercing stand in the way of them two ever being together? Listen in and find out. 

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Before seven. Here's something you would not expect abstinence only education is making a comeback under trump. Well I can think of some women who are pro abstinence under trumped. Okay. Can't wait by the phone theology high to dry. Hi guys the government. We met at a party last weekend and we had even been on a date but we made out for awhile again. Yeah yeah. One and change she grabbed my own at one point putter number in and negated I instead techniques. Cytec here the next day in response tech today after it didn't respond. And it's crazy because she took my own and put her number in. I'm like what the heck. Maybe she is just drunk. And which it should be on the mall and then she sort ever realize cameo as a challenge it after all. He has a boyfriend. Harshly as a boyfriend. Right out of it the possibility that you felt really good anything seem like she wouldn't Airgas. If you would cheating it out to I have not just sell it feeling about it. Immediately face says she was drunk and now she's embarrassed she made out with humans gas is like yeah hole in our while I do that crazy as I don't wanna show space yes. Yeah I guess I feel like you would detect the you don't get paid that. Breyer now. There but sometimes it just easier to just rush hour there again ignore it I do got a lot whenever I get really intoxicated. As my friend shares says not you share and other chair then I have hang over remorse. Because I start thinking about all the things they gain in the nicer feeling really damage it down myself until maybe she's had a hang over more polished Alice comments during all hang on okay. Thank you. Hello Madison yeah. Disarming sure shares Booker Alex is rarely makes 94 shuttle work on you for Shelley would you call waiting by the phone this where we help out people being Goss did and Bryce contacted us he's actually on the far now he said they you guys met at a party last week in -- fine and if you put your number in his own and he has been trying to get ahold LeRoy and we thought we'd help amount find out why you errors on any of his messages. Yes I did have a good time and it it currently numbering is welcome but. The thing and we got into it the hot that the apartment complex. Mistakes in my shoe like you imagine you and hug tell Brian seriously. I don't know I didn't wanna give away too much in towns. Now IE as nice piece these guys made out. I'm yelling dead but the thing is. What I noted earlier in the hot and he had it netbooks you're saying and I am just not into that and Utley who knows what else he has shared acted. No total turnaround we may yet doesn't bulls pierce noted he had a nickel rain and I don't know what else he might have here I don't wanna know. Should really turned me off. Jitters rocket a one in their pouring more oh and yes I don't want my nipple pierced. I'm sorry I had a friend in high school that had his wonderful appears to give both of them and he only had one day and he did it himself. It was the biggest signal that he hasn't come around the other one but the last one that he did got infected and this past Kansas discussing. I can see why there's no attraction anymore of the stairs. Under Steele let. I don't know I don't matter in thing you know earrings finger rolled the year's speech Hewlett pretty yucky rain I don't understand. Why you wanna have a big marine showing under your shirt what's the purpose I don't know I I've had friends and got our I don't know it's tough to beautify Naples you know and. No matter what you put on undergrad Sierra. I grant a. Congrats now. No that's a personal and honorable thing and there's. There's no there's nothing pretty about a little diet I'll sure I totally disagree with you and nibbles and beautiful body he can't put sunglasses on and. I don't I notice. Reprisals he earned his young and naive was the dear what's the story. It was not a big chill would be in my friend and yet I know we kind of wanted to attract fountain and wild experience but I did get it taken out there and anyway. All right so that she's getting taken out. What do I get out it's gone that I actually do it all the track and then gone let's say it I think you have a whole. I think it'll loosen them all now. You have a waitress dressed as just one way. I'm fighting these lose nibbles actually I believe in common ground there cars yeah.