{LISTEN} Wearing Workout Clothes May Influence You To Actually Hit the Gym

Monday, April 16th

Studies show that if you throw on workout clothes, it may actually affect your fitness. So splurge on those Lulelemon leggings, beacuse it's for the betterment of you, right?


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This thing called the gem that a lot of people have a tendency of flocking towards a like some sort of bill being with things in science you have a tough time and editor of amended adore. Sarah likes a jam by do you like your own idea nine. NN as cool lake place that I like me. Seattle onto our struggle with there's so little still a bunker. Had I Gary and I wanna where are my wife is a fiend and I spends all his running and all these judge Jim shark by the way is her line. That she's obsessed with so if you look at for some new stuff in wanna try something else out you might. Tried she is expensive though because McCourt must work out stuff physics so much Gosling blue limb. And an outdoor voice out is and. I don't know why I got her I a gift cards for Christmas to Jim shark John not exactly sure how far that. Money winner is just one T shirt I have by the way workout clothes to meet our show ladies just Wear workout clothes all the time like yoga pants or whatever. So sexy. Borrow my god everybody across the board almost every wow yeah. I guess I almost everybody I will say that. Enhances everybody staggering unharmed. Our ops but it is buying training and gym clothes really help you exercise or do you just look like a gym rat while your you know. Grocery store as you know the answer from you don't researchers polled 2000 people hit the gym Greg early in the overwhelming response was yes. Those expensive clothes can actually help. 79%. Said wearing cool workout clothes really does make them work out harder nowadays it's a mentally and it's a mental thing now yeah physical. Believe this is facing an accord Mario that and that's a big yoga studio multiple locations and every single girl is wearing loose women rightly it was the uniformed. And so I would if I wasn't dressed nice that day Aaron Celek or ratty old teaser. I just felt like not good enough power whereas the days that might top this matching my shoes and I can't imagine ever won there he have to our enemies and it. That's crazy that's awesome if you're just trying to get to the gym more often go anywhere how close can help 80% of people said. Just the act of putting on gym clothes is a huge motive may see I have. Havel like for a lady like plaintiffs in the gym shirt like it's usually get old vinik and I've retired. Like in ads I just feel like coming. Then again maybe fights spruced it up and win our guard and walked in right field I think I myself apart. I was I don't kill. What they're saying is what you bring your gym clothes on you're probably work out your chances are skipping it at that. When you're pretty low really I exact Saul just golf that's all I remember that whole month I would want to Wear it Wear gym stuff. Oh yeah because we had to accomplish and they converted into eight work out we're out there as they ran a bunch of the gym equipment out. And obviously well we're on a girl running treadmill. Game Alou there's a so far on the way to their asked many times I went to that sells cars he's said I didn't even make a division yeah. As of late exercise where you're laying the unsung line in the top five things people said motivate them to keep going to the gym what do you think is number one share. Losing weight yes seeing results for sheer number two putting other gym clothes. Number three drinking a lot of water during the day for having a workout buddy a half right soon be perfect for my wife because she loves George our second or third. I wouldn't recommend your wife taking all eyes you're not a gym person your wife is your wife would just be what it's like dragging up it's dragging dead when he. It really. If anybody I would rather be heard as opposed to any question that we don't wanna know. Do know this you know judging my original NASCAR is to go it is. I'm in the same boat as you are your wife is way advanced and that's like that's supporting NFL inviting you and I'd go play an NFL football game and like certainty you'll start there you gotta start somewhere and just start with you're trying not. Tell you why because she would motivate mean T. Finally. I'd be working out we get about three minutes on a bike in a really you wanna go grab a beer EL sugar rare you know there. Do you guys after you would have to be so committed or religious create rights not how it's called the trainer your wife is not your trainer. I.s for out of Libya you really only allowed the holiday here at the gym mineralized shoot elsewhere. Join actually.