{LISTEN} At What Age Do You Spend the Most Money?

Friday, March 9th

Find out at what age does the average person spend the most money and just about how much money it is that they spend!


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It's very fast today is more is a good thing you shave and have so much cash delivered to your parents your twenties because you're gonna have to cash our right after. According to the nearest surveyed the most expensive age on the average person is alive Maha. Is. Without a manager Emeril. As did yeah we have Tom we're all foreign I'm a little something that's. Edge. We're sure rule over the sounds right why why do you think it's now turned out exit should I got remarried. And around 31 you did. Yeah and then honey man and all that stuff and it was expensive that's exactly right the other series that's the age when most people either have a wedding and honeymoon packed by yeah. House. Or do you two of those or all three's. Roof you alone the baby which is your because I would have a lawful you know anything. And I really. And that's around the time that I bought a Condo not at 31 but it now like little average range may be like 3330s. After it. Funny how I got man tired elegantly decision so I gotta you have the unity to have the wedding and honeymoon in Beirut and awful the same sense that some guys targets not awful lately doesn't mean you know me you know announcer I easily financially it's awful. Arts. How much did take a stab at this how she think the average person drops when there's 31. The average person lately dropping on miscellaneous stuff creative writing or whatever I mean weddings since late June yeah. Are we talking if you buy a whole house we've actually in the whole house cost and I'm just give the average person how much flat out drop when you're 31 just that year just a year and probably like solicited 30000 if you factor with a wedding hand and tried fifty ran 44 Indy grand 161000. Dollars. Us a lot. I don't let me. Well latter not an expensive here that's much higher than any other agent survey also found that 33%. Of them. Or get help for their parents covering all of those cost how lucky. I now. I had a lot of help my parents that I went and led the way it turns nice that was very nice yeah I don't know and her mom as well so I think I'm past the age is getting help from ball Bosnia. That's good questions here and now you're you know a little bit older. If and when you ever do get married will you get help for repair it's I. I think that account and Bob odds Verne like Sarah might get married. Announced early on and on something else to give access their data that it got some very nice violence gosh that's.