{LISTEN} Who In the Room?

Wednesday, May 16th

Nasty rumors and Alex kissing a transvestite, all this included in this bit of WHO IN THE ROOM!

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I don't know if you're familiar with the game who in the room but we started playing off the air we decided there will be a lot of fun to do on the air show gets you know it's a little better with a game called. Who roamed the you're homeless would be capable starting a nasty rumor about a co worker. Like all of us to. Sarah would give it up quick the deal would take over for you being so friends and Sarah did I told Sean Mac or afternoon guys. That my second cousin was Selena. I told them is there and secretive IFI. He believed had been drinking a lot of him and his girlfriend after analyze and they're both looking at me like they're jaws dropped and his girlfriend love Selena styles like you know my parents. Then making a big deal you know just some because Leno was playing the back enemy yeah spoke look enemy and I told Sarah answers like that's not funny she is Thomas not and I must say even. I now I know I appreciate always make you feel guilty but I'm sure sure he told shine. So all three of us who leaked cable yeah ask your medical work out but I mean here's the thing when he comes a nasty not NASA like dirty nasty but just like I think. Booker you might take the non on this really. I am here you have because there's so dramatic. I hat while all because I saw you the other day wouldn't your drive being. And someone pulled in front of you and I saw on the eight or come out of you like I've never seen before. That I am frightened that if someone as you rom. You could really do hammer on behalf. Delegate status Leila breaks it down for us yeah. Yeah. I but I got over quickly now I'd be honest with you I don't think I could start a nasty rumor brought a coworker that's just not my dean disputed DNA Iqbal man okay who in the room is most likely to be bisexual. Just heard it blog not a percent in a Booker yeah okay. But I think you. Avalon. Shot and you see you out existed transvestite. You'll. Yeah. You'll see. Yeah. It knows and it knows Kansas I. I know I'm I was like sixteen in Mexico and I live from I'll pass a thousand Mars hanging out the eighteen is an image of that we'd like snow again and I went to dislike bar that was not a strip club slash transvestite club guys youth. We didn't know I mean everything's in Spanish and it's as it was in the best. And we are hanging out I mean she was great but anyway we Medigap make cabinet and we buy each other Beers and we hung out and she sat in my lap and it was dark lighting event like they kissed her cheek and Mosul keiki. Like I rocked America. And housing Diana and I just noticed a little it was a CIA I was like well the lake anticipated. I'll at all but I wasn't that weird about that as a game and have a great idea but I. Really are glad. Anyway I left the living yeah it was it was fine. Yeah.