{LISTEN} Yanny Versus Laurel

Thursday, May 17th

The debate continues here on MIX 94.7. What do you hear? Laurel or Yanny?

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It's Celtics. Morning everybody and welcome to today out of Wednesday morning and it's nanny. Here who call. Are you making any I'm I hearing and she here's the irony I hear a laurel my producer my ear hears lore all these. Definitely definitely definitely yeah yeah. Since its denizens have floral and everyone says they just have a talk about something other than Trout they. He heated debate that's been going off the last couple of days. Over a single or urge some people think the voices saying laurel the other people are hearing yeah any also hear some people saying they hear yeah I mean oh really. Now we have some context about how the whole thing got started and it definitive answer on which one is correct okay. First start off with how this whole thing came about turns out there's a high school freshman and Georgian named key he had soul it's gonna be like. It got. Out what is happened. She got the debate going last Friday while she was studying for a literature class one of the vocabulary words she need to look up woods laurel. So she looked it up on. Vocabulary dot com that definition. To the word Laura have on the web say vocabulary dot com she played a clip. A how to pronounce it and that's where the audio came from this is the original lie laurel. Laurel. Now. If laurel is what you hear you are technically call it. He did not hear laurel those thirty year. Any think she played for so Harvard classmates Lincoln agrees there should close on mr. Graham and other people started re posting and that's not all got started. Lot of people assumed it was a computer voice but it's actually the voice of an opera singer the vocabulary dot com hired back in 2007 to pronounce about two words for them. It's also in the original Broadway production of cats will really funny cap. Eight in case you have not heard the explanation. Here it is this is how some people here Yani. Some people here are you any. Some people here laurel. The sands in Guinea played at a higher frequency than assailants in laurel. As we age our ears are less able to hear higher frequencies so if you're hearing any you might have younger years. Luckily with the help of the Internet we can hear both. Brilliant Twitter user I ax ax B posted audio of the pitcher brought those down and when you listen to it brought down 30% you'll hear you and. Here is. Billy. But when you listen to with a pitch brought up to 30% you'll likely hear laurel. Cash which is very juicy because this is exactly what we did yesterday spent a couple of hours in the production Europe and before any of this came out we started doing a high. Hot and tinkering with it because we heard. That different people here are different frequencies as you get old her. You're not able to hear the high frequencies while AA as you are are still in year barely. Formula two years. You have better hearing of those higher frequencies you're telling me I'm old because I heard laurel I actually a look at I don't think that's necessarily the case because they did talk to some younger people are dead here laurel. We all three heard laurel but let me do this'll test again okay. I'm going to pitch this down and elegy to tell me what you hear okay we'll personally that the original as Laura Wright we all agree that it's laurel. Yes and okay. So I'm going to. Pitching down now and tell me what you year. It. Kind Danny yeah I hear yen to air Diana as we all agree now and we shall we start off at laurel. And then we pitching down it's again I. I think most people who here laurel or hear that. And here again now if you're one of the people that have always heard yeah me. Listen to this and I bet you hear laurel. That is pitched up 30%. I don't really weird world didn't. I think you're right now effect. Mean there's hot a lot of dripping and horror. There's others say in this is what we're worried about but it does the world is worried that. Study it is a conflict. I'm misunderstanding. Are a debate. That's fine in light hearted and I think that's what's good it's not going after each other it's not Republicans vs Democrats are pro edition conned their seats at. All this is a fun little stupid thing and it that we can all kind of collectively come together even though we side the debate. So the settles it because a lot of people yesterday were frustrated religion here laurel. So there's a this is the reason why they don't say that there is scrutiny. Hi I was like really you don't hear laurel like I'm like come on really you just saying that to be like different. But this is when you pitch it down got you here you any when you did you have higher. You'll hear laurel so I get it. It really matters this year though where you heard and how many times in him and shared which specific audio file you were listening to you. Yeah all that factors enjoyed and you're if you hear it going into it it'll that such is the case with anything really. But if you here in thinking to yourself it's going to be laurel and then your brain is going to be fixate on that and well very authentic. Here laurel. Right even if you ordered gone into it with no preconceived notion. Then you might have heard you Annie but if your body if you already fixate on the fact it's gonna be laurel oftentimes. It is lore and yesterday people were sailing here and on different devices like her to my phone and it's only laurel I herded to the studio we're here after the show heard Laura like I heard laurel. Given must like him heard it through a sea shell. I said laurel you know sands. There are adjusting big chill is believed tissue down. And then we can hear you Danny in there we go back to listen to the original now or never for me but for mad. Our. Production guy he pitched it down hurting. Law argue anything and anyway back to the original and hurting Danny and. So he's like his brain was fixated on that's otherwise I've never been more excited first celebrity to do something done this week and I think we can have something else that big right eyed. Rain is so stressed right now. Hey bile at that this is really funny I get handed to because they're not normally funny. But NBA on TNT played agreed prank on Charles Barkley last night they would do this whole thing that we just went through is a laurels. And each one of them they played at the sound in their here peaceful and they are like oh I hear laurel I hear you ending but in Charles Barkley ear piece they've played doughnut. Up. Please please. Did you hear. I did on the what is your. I thought I heard those. There's no agenda yeah. Like guys. Yeah ago. Tom Arnold because. It's the first time around we were just. Born don't know how to do in order to. Backer and that's so awesome here's the crazy thing yacht here is the crazy thing there is a new line going around now know how. Apparently the word delicious. Sounds like the word battalion. To some people seriously to take delicious delicious and delicious. Cup aren't passes so stupid wow what is that the question I asked salacious okay that's delicious OK. Now. I'm gonna pitch it down and Lucius delicious still delay Lucius and social stuff. Iron nine gonna pick you up a tree by 40%. On that's pitched down 20% of PG down 42% okay. No that's now how do you guys so fate does an hour and now we've jumped to. They've pitches up 200% he would in his last week has got it during and after all I do. Did it.