{LISTEN} You Can't Make This Stuff Up - Delta Airlines

Monday, April 23rd

A woman on a Delta flight gets handcuffed for the duration of her trip. You won't believe the reason why!

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Certainly. Got to be true. Sarah. Finally showed you might have deserted we dragged off the delta flight kicking and screaming there's a 45 year old woman named Sarah each. Who's on the delta flight from London to Salt Lake City she's an American who's been living in England while they were over Leo she she started sprinting up and down the aisle. Roy a cup of coffee in half a dozen passengers and overturned a drink cart standing it's not a lap but really how do you overturn a drink I had a pretty. How did richest they. There's no. They sit in it that. This is probably a 777 or 787 mollify airplane that has wide valleys and it's coming from Paris. Two of the US to your point so it's not like the southwest and I'm the only candidates squeezed through late but beverage tire issue could like. Go ticket like four words I mean usually running down the alum should she hit it that way and it flipped over. Not clear how they maybe she's just afraid of flying a panic but luckily there were out to air marshals on board which is kind of weird I don't think they still had air Marshal international flights I mean I'm sure that's why they got around to control made her sit next to them and she was fine for awhile. She wanted to use the bathroom twice they Tucker but then after a third trip to the bathroom she jumped on one of the air marshals back has started eight. Asking him might not telling you basically put him in a headlock the other air Marshall pulled her off and they handcuffed her for the rest of the flight. She's facing assault charges and had to undergo a mental health evaluation in the sport. Passages and did cocktails that lady knocked over everything's building probably. Doesn't know. Yeah I saw.