{LISTEN} You Decide: Good Mom or Bad Mom?

Monday, February 12th

The flu is coming in at full force this year, and this mother's son is not having it. When taking a trip to the doctor's office to get a flu shot, he asks his mother if he can say a cuss word when receiving the vaccine. Is she a good mom or bad mom for allowing her son to choose one cuss word to exclaim while her son gets his shot?


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Safe yourself at a restaurant in Boston is offering a 3000. Dollar bug got. That comes in and engagement ring on the bottom. Commencing man whose life. By the by the joint bid got the ring and. Email from ran computers says mom a year or bad mom my six year old son had to get a flu shot because it's gone around the school and had serious anxiety over until we wanted to be able to see a cuss word when he got the shot. We have a very strict no cursing words in our house spread. After a lot of thought I decided to let him choose a password that he was only allowed to Shea when he got the shot if she does this show me. And I chatted with conviction. Now MIA good mile. Yeah but like in the privacy of our home like the doctors and mistreating oh yeah you don't signature so you're like I did in front of a doctor tough. It's it's a doctor that sees kids on time and you know this doctor Z go home and say oh my god yeah I mean if you don't have a problem with dad Sid being that kid that sense it's gonna have yeah. Then that's fine. You just read a good point not only do you have the doctor that's getting here but you have all the people in the waiting room because I remember as a kid. You could always hear the kids getting shot totally marine meeting in the doctor's office took. Be a mom washed out if your kid that just yell S obesity Borough loudly and have a streets and there is what is. It's super cute though couldn't be cute hearing any Q and how does it ENERSIS SX and neck okay that the but it could be here right. I may think as long as you said very specific ground rules and say this is not allowed at school but that's probably pretty hard at this Cheryl that aren't kids so I don't know but it makes me laugh I don't think you're a bad mom I figured this tour Randall live and make it worse day today. No it's not actually you know give an example sell my son and got involved with this lol it. Group of kids and they were shame mr. Kuby paints a lot I. And your son history he's three mr. blue mr. Kuby PS I'm 2% and I got a slow funny that it could affect any kind of trouble I. I think it's funny to you rates show when I got Greece and how much it okay Grayson now here's the thing you cannot change hoop at school but daddy can I share a home yes Grayson you can shared a home I. Cash cash in the car yet she conceded the harm but you cannot hated school. And you can't see your church either. Right so you can't is cool can't see your church VCR so now he says poop at home all time I think it's awesome he's been a really good knowing he's allowed this data home but he cannot say it's cool man referred to see other days little sister rated stinky easily dad he Mary boot I can say OK I'm not at school. I don't know I know. John of the show mad that the little kids yeah at one. Any tax good or bad. Had a 51993. Ganassi take your comments to 51993. This woman allowed her six year old son to see it as Shelby as he was getting his flu shot is that okay good mom dad mom takes good or mad at 51993. We are Borger Alex Sarah this is mix 94 cents.