{LISTEN} You Laugh You Lose

Friday, February 16th

Play along and see how long you can last without laughing at these corny jokes!



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Excited for seven I think it was consumer between the main course and desert behind my wife. A rat ran down the wall. And you know planner and then the backed up and back over the wall the the waitress come back if she sees something was up because I'm sitting right on top of my chair now. I think kind of quietly ZoneAlarm Merrill in the restaurants and I just saw a rat run up and down along. She said oh yeah I'm supposed to tell you that was a squirrel. It's back. And I love it and you laugh you lose we are alive on FaceBook Gregg now. From the mix 947 studios you're able to tune in and watch us live is all of this goes down to try to keep despair it's possible. Now you love you lose is great because each one of us is prepared. A list of really stupid corny jokes and that as we go around the room we're gonna. Tell a joke one by one if you laugh you were out ranked. Alana nor is there intern is gonna judge this. We're gonna make it is fairs hot spot with tiger now yell my jokes or storm. Really I am I'll let us intimidating each other yell at my jokes are so one point in my jokes are home their rear those. OK here we go Alex will start up to you and you love you lose. I can't say much walks and no bar and orders of beer bartender says sorry. We don't serve food here. Chair can't. Not. What she called the security guards who work at the seams and store. Gala guardians of the galaxy. Than the rule is that the galaxy don't you a. What kind of card is a good drive what the Volkswagen then why did the Clyde still give the pony a glass of water. Jesse was a little horse. Had his training how does a train eat and it goes you shoot. We call somebody gets mad when they don't have any bread what lactose. Intolerant. Why did the scarecrow win an award why because he was outstanding in his field. Let's Forrest Gump's password then one forest months. Ago when that's. I can't tell policy Arabs are you. It's there if you can just stop down I would. I would fight and die you cannot laugh even if it's your own job don't change jokes were so did you last night you know just for no no. We gave its look at Bradley you're borderline. I'm seeing you smile I'm smiling and it gave us smile you look hey good morning laughs you know more. And left next time Serra but they're got would you call the served with a speech impediment. I don't know mrs. starters worth. What lights up the stop what dad. Went lights up a soccer stadium in a soccer match. What airline to Jesus and Mary take. Don't know virgin. Yeah I'm I'm writing. Hello my god. Bad news is here and I don't I'm not I mean I did this first week it. Oh yeah I'll tell you Jim began damn good that I mean. I have. Yours were awesome and I want it's old and allow my guys did okay young. What airline did Jesus and Mary take my virgin. Homer. Ambulance Memorial Day it. Oh wit animals go when their tails fall off button there retail Stuart. Now has had to do and I a couple of years you're really. And the line four is well. Why did a lion eat that tight group locker. I. I can figure out almost all of these yeah I did the lion. Eat it too tight rope walker. And yeah roar. The woods Rhode Island he I don't well balanced all. Now here's a suitable for Sarah word can you buy chicken broth in bowl where the stock market.