Is "Love Actually" a Christmas movie?

Friday, November 17th

Sara is in a heated arguement with a girlfriend. Sara says "Love Actually" is a Christmas movie, and her friend says it is just a movie about love set during Christmas. 


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Malone. You've got to back me up debt load actually as a Christmas down because I am about to lose and we went Amanda and Brazil at five says it is not a Christmas down. Were I know definitively. That is scenes so the story is and 100 Thanksgiving but I'm hosting a friends giving. With a lot of my friends are actually happen to be home for Thanksgiving this year. And since we're gonna watch him because it's something we all you see you in high school element be so we're on the big email chain thing and we're talking about what we're gonna bring. And also what movie we should watch summary stern I'm movies you know like L server you're on 34 season or one movie the pick what daddy so I threw out. Love actually. The classic Christmas film. Am wondering Jennifer is like that's not a Christmas down. So please tell us like two days we have been in a heated argument. Over if this is a Christmas found I'd sit her Sony means. I have so many arguments on my side she is no arguments and her sag and I just like what you all. Think collectively entry that love actually isn't 101. Is chris' down. Well and I never see the movies I have a nice. I've seen it actually owned non human bear non non non bears some proud to say on the dvd. I don't know where it is but I bought it but if I can recall the dvd. Is raps like the the. Christmas ball absolutely well I get tagged to and from around the now the whole movie is set during Christmas. Disarm that plays throughout the whole movie is about Christmas it's called Christmas is all around. Q Great Falls in love with a girl and a red coat because she's wearing red because this Christmas. And it due from the Walking Dead has his classic moaning at Christmas where he tells your nightly Betty there. It is a Crist here's our Christmas cat did during the spell. I think he tries to cheat on his wife by buying this girl in his office a Christmas presents for their Christmas party is a Christmas movie and it's not like and. National anthems you. Vegas like or not various Christmas it's not like a Christmas Christmas. Air France. And insist that you can literally take that movie and sat in and in the middle of the year during some. Her. Day and she even left you like I heated voice now yeah. Yeah stop it you're actually love actually did not record the movie I love that movie is a movie about love it about eight different story that well. And it. I you couldn't. Hear it didn't love story or start a love story did not written a movie. A lot actually in. 1 morning about. I'm going on my other op there. Take me op and that Sheen I'm sick of hearing about it and I am tired of the ability. Bear market I don't know I and still okay levee by give I don't. The fact that other. Most iconic scene I think you love actually leased from IA from things and I've heard is that scene where there is you know the door bells ringing and she goes to the front door and down here nightly canoneers is due to the front blocking dead tired -- and and he is trying to get her attention. He's cue cards hidden backyard. Door bell it's. As she gets up she's with their good. She married right yeah you're coming into the beginning of the movie but this lesser but it's also veterans of her. The. Thing is there. Bug office what is your mother. He starts to boom. Box and he starts that really get an excess video willing launcher with a Q can I ask I he's telling. And basically say in a year per say Dan that I love you yeah the. Hopefully my president is a love story but it didn't set Dniester that it would be an Easter Sam Wheeler oxygen gas. I think sector and Thanksgiving it would be a thinks giving them a free have been sector in downtown today. Do you live watch during Valentine's Day but it is set during Christmas dust therefore it is they. Christmas down. Now I can't argue with that at all because if anyone asks me my favorite Christmas movie. Might go to U is always die hard. We wish him the some may argue that it's not a traditional Christmas music but in my opinion it's I've Christmas movie got a bracelet they're Christians movie ever and I just Bob my shine a diehard Christmas cartoons. I wouldn't really did you really just here's the deal aids love actually is way more for Chris Noonan and diet are now it's not absolutely mean dude there's not what I think Christmas movie. I think family and friends getting together. It's dying art design and there's blood and like shooting except that's not enjoyable during the holiday season laws actually can be more enjoyed during the holiday season because. You hear blows scenes that we just heard. I disagree with you Alex because the movie opens went to a gag. Varying in front of a Christmas tree having egg nog and cut jails and knock the dummy plus. And their Christmas lights everywhere it's it's no longer any. Hey Chris Smith is. Movie how backing up doctor you it's even pioneer Alan Rick mid AK professors make it in both diet art. Izzy morality. Oh shell he had share I even I never see love actually as far as I'm Richards cruisers we re just like die hard news.