Love Her or Leave Her: John thinks she is wearing another man's shirt

Thursday, May 18th

Is it ok for a girl to still wear something from an ex?


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Only ninety here for a little advice for John late for any situation Tammany and his girlfriend can either call 5126435947. Or checks love her or leave her. To 51993. The one day in Charlotte Florida saw it was from Joseph. Girl goes of that story you know white button down the pressure right as we share from testing IG dot net is it now judge me. Crazy when I see your walking around and it dual led this will go order I bring it out what do I do love for relief for. John and boy do I have gone on this we'll start out though first with you. Alex Frankel here's a DL don't even make an issue I mean love love her of course but here's what you guys did you got to get take yourself and I'm looking right here there's a Joes edge there's Jose bank on bless like 360. Right here or there went downtown to go get yourself an exact same shirt. Take you know we wash it you've taken up off the floor when you see it that Simon do this awful day here's the thing you don't even bring it out what you know now is that it's not an ex boyfriends. It's someone's then voted brandy you picked it up so it's never going to be an issue because she's never wearing Barack's on her body and she's points and meet you wore leave it at that did it. Lover but to swap it out. And her I I don't have. Guides here Le let me just tell you what happens throughout. Relationships girls accumulate closed in May. Like for example the other day I happened to notice degree shirt in my Dreier I really don't know where it came from you really don't know I really don't I think it was for my ex gang is losing I now. Well I have some socks that pop up sometimes that I am I'm pretty sure some of my sweat shirts are also for Macs is because. Number one we like to steal them for me up and number two they just accumulate and become part of our wardrobe netted USA today to go pull everything for my wardrobe. That was from an X I don't even know if I could do that I don't even know by know anymore what was mine and what was and axes that's the true. So there's no emotional attachment to me it's just cool. Load right now. Do you share that but what I've done. It's necessary your stain lovers I think love her so here's what's going on in my head right into it you're gonna Wear lows around a T shirt or sweatshirt. We really don't know all. If dad's. Something that you got along the way. Electronics boyfriend or they you bought bright yet but I'll. A white light down main shirt from Joe's may bangs with an error Bengie eventually got it I man. And more original OK you don't girls don't go shop there at all in men's suits in 99 stuff that's where guy should dress up for a living I thought I'd ask us on by their clothes okay. Well in that situation clearly. A came from a dude had disrespectful. To win air in front of you osu Johnny here's what I said. I don't think you should leave her but you doubling me to have a conversation with her and say lack. That's the dude sure right is it is that from an ex boyfriend L it ideology now kind of bothers me you're amazing. But wearing that shirt in come about as we cannot buy you another life. Well you should either shade your counted out should I. They like. I suggested what he needs did as always sends us like when their hand in his house means a watch out in sexy lingerie and like what what not what we are all the friend's home warned. And I if you ask him to air a little. Five like she's 643594. Shot or he's gay or you text lover or lever to 51993. Well luggage or your calls and text and find out the results and John after the chain smokers and makes 947. Eric in south Austin. I I think he did you ever saying a lot about her that makes her great today. It can be for him to back or respect. You round. A lot of back and making her and him great honor and I believe me you know I think he's got her out for itself. Just thank them. You know whoever before her each batter I think that's what matters I think it. What if he gives her one of his button down shirts and says I want to. Now the sexier you can that you looks so admit you're one of my. Hand problems that accurate beautiful doctor pat brought her to him that the. Every you don't need to be constantly remind. I'm not I mean that's why I'm calling this an even exchange. No like Q like that I think she'd appreciate it like it even wet it's not about how you look out by going and where I can now you're beginning its youth. Not a problem and get back I mean I think it. El Paso colonel guy whatever you know who dared speak with them now but eighty locker would be accused are. We got some good tax at 51993 Sarah yeah every point we didn't think that the she could got a short a good well. The button down shirt is actually a strategy some girls used to get ready because you can do your hair make up and take it off without pulling it over your head and messing things up and that is so true that we use that Dion and and a lot of people are seen tape. What if it's firmer relative that is passed away or what center. Don't we have so many tech scene what have answered ads and I'm like I'm so great. I have never in my life got an above us prince closet which smells like father it just smells like old dad. Now and then a bit like a dad dad while I get ready get ready in your shirt that's weird. OK let's go back to the dead relative party dust is sick if you're wearing a debt Terrelle shirt. Because there actually might be somebody out there are no. Deal is close that here I mean it's kind of weird like you know it's OK let's hear it wouldn't think about this for sure what if her dad passed away right in this her way to pay homage. She's wearing a white button down shirt to her dad used to Wear while she's lounge around in her panties. I know there are no longer a room that's as creatine you know Arnold Bates motel I'd say about your dad dad is somewhere inside outside is creepy. Overall 92% think love her I lover John said the congress yeah obviously I say yeah our right.