Love Him Leave Him: He is really really messy

Friday, November 17th

Should Cindy love or leave a really messy man?


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Telling Jamie guy when he's hot mess losing the Spanish issue level relieve meter shot 5126435947. Or text Lubbock or leave them. The 51993. So here's a colleague wrote us. Hi Madonna's got for almost three months and I've been overly thinking about this a little too much but at the same time I really don't wanna waste my time either self. I need your help on this one. I'm a mom of three kids in these data kids right. Sees them every once in while he's a really nice guy a hard working and I'll like go home buddy lives with his parents it is really. Really. Massey. Like his romance hangers everywhere clothes everywhere and dish as with the left over food everywhere. He was apologetic of course when I first saw it and blamed it on tough times. I know everyone has their tough times but I don't know how much to assume he's just having tough times vs. He's just hot mess so can you please tell me out love them. I'd leave them show everything I want percent this is just coming from someone that is of freak about making sure everything is spotless. I know I know but that this kind of my downfall so. It could be in knowing and it's annoying to me and I can see us on to be annoyed by me so it's like discuss some slack comes from a guy that is always like that. Trichet love gas Chara we'll give you got to just secondly we ensure Jackson says little lever on why Jackson. Well first guy up there about about the girl that. She was out at the girl it. Why are right. I like the girls. About an. How Willie Jackson. Morning she's only twelve. If I eat is twelve he says well I'll say it well and opera. Like surely tell the. Real life experience or. That's why I. Like (%expletive) Colleen you love them early on I would leave really need to. Shielding maybe he has a lot to do before maybe he's ready to date somebody I would be very careful off. With the fact that he's gonna dolby and living with his parents and the fact that he is leftover food. Allah sure love. I'm sheriff for leave them what do you think Michael. I'm gonna keep it rarely you know aren't actually talk to each other like it you know you are and what. Well he's right you know. Being kept up an apple not all an impressive that you inning that he. And that's not what really mean what she really nice act it worked part. Maybe I want to part time. But I it being bad day and age everybody it's all somebody brought up at least not even been and I thought it like look I don't like you know your. Clearly it packet they all this stuff like everybody I think it is an up and like. I haven't corporate patent it all happened to cope aren't. I agree but you just said Li ma no I'm saying I agree with what she was saying about shouldn't he cleanest place if he never escrow was coming up version people communicate absolute. Lately the communication part and and find out why gets a group with a problem is that's why don't even from that summaries I mean it did maybe it's something that's can easily be fixed I'll find out about a gets in the root of the problem my nose she's not a shrink. Yes it was me I mean but you're still dating and you confide in each other. Terry some back from a Playboy it whatever I had a follow female come here to the Booker compound. I may share the Motley is in tip top shell beach because they care what is how you are 24/7. Not always that mean my house is usually pretty clean by the third place left over I tell you go if I. I have friends coming over I made sure that I'd pick things up to Malaysia marble falls you should leave them. Yes you sound just like my ex husband played I'm convinced. Today my Eckhart and maybe Jesus maybe she has he lived at home with his parents. And Heatley food are everywhere you rarely scared she'd only been dating him during my sheet is to get out now. A packed in yo your access and show you stick. Cut cut cut and caddies are very useful a lot of text at 51993. Doesn't care enough about his own kids to be as stable part of their lives. Leaving and Clemens are often stuff leaks are said if you wanna get back together then be my guess after that overall 71% Levy has.