Missed Connections: College friends

Wednesday, June 20th

Can Booker, Alex and Sara reunite old college friends? 

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So why cut your mind Booker Alex is Gerald track him down it is time for this connection. Any forceps and need help in finding love or just need help connecting that's what we're here for miss connections in every once I didn't hammer out. And only maybe in a pool and let your own that's so there was this guy you want us to them you up with. Don't say it loud and James Jacob and Germany had to hide early to when he is and we weren't friends and we eat. Hung out all the tie Italy never T. Sell your manager. I was one drunk ninety pound weakened to a halt it for a single entirely charities let's pull all. Together. We went through our own relationships but and the one and I waited for a while I made an increasingly. You ask. So and yes your single in your late thirties now when you're trying to seek him out. Lots. Math yeah as possible like mentally very that the strain and I I loved your connector hands. And see where he elated and the FDA they are. Did you try social media. Hey did you guide and I find it anywhere. Release I yeah I I Donald all platform they can't find him on any sane and general gale. So frustrating maybe it wasn't meant to be such. General. Or. Well I do believe that is meant to be and I have this programmer I can mount find out I'm probably more word then we would ever wanna know about somebody we believe Cameron that we have check up on the phone I mean I know we had a lot of palm but I believe that we have your Jacob on the phone on its. Jacob is a I. Let's connect you though if you're ready. Yeah. Hi Jake out. It think for green to come on with us the reason we ask you to join us on her show is first segment called miss connections and there is a person. That has been seeking you out and we wanna bring her on the phone is that okay yeah sure. Do you remember. Cameron. It. And and under that name while cameras. And made me and I think it's just kidding what together Dawson at. I didn't hear from him. At least based upon ice and in this could be a potentially negative thing I saw listed an address in grapevine. Yeah out. Marina or are you angry I yeah I have. But you held none of them five or June number. They have those who come down. And that way every. Couple months chauffeur worked and so. Oh okay all right so how about. Out who won these next few times he can out of work you give Cameron a call. Yeah. And so we're it is yeah. Your realism is the beginning I thought I was like yeah. My I don't know about that what it sounded like RA high and down twisted it are you married her in a relationship. In between relationships. My got married for a couple years but it just didn't work out. They got really shares something account at care that there was singled. Lining your growth word relationships and their work out and it's okay don't say noted as a person he's fighting was a great I'm Allison has there is that ever find out very good point AJ hammer back in the day you and Cameron had this up packs where if you're still seeing going your late thirties then you'd day. A from your thoughts. In the year that. As you said now and then. Or DP paralysis and balanced. A early thirties. The. Ooh well tossed administrator of the courthouse get married. Honestly that's why did I hit. It out rooted don't order us and took it. Pretty also how about elis get together and see how goes from there. How could only be also has that Cameron. The so we're.