Missed Connections: The cookie delivery girl

Wednesday, July 11th

Victor wants to know more about the girl that delivered cookies to his office on his birthday. 

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47 no one was more upset about this nomination to people were watching the bachelorette last night. From made his announcement right smack dab in the middle of bachelor red beckons Bahamas drama and it took to Twitter to express their displeasure. For instance very rude the president from to interrupt the bachelorette with the OK not that I don't care about the country and Supreme Court and whatnot but like I honestly this is so. So boycott your mind. Broker Alex this error will track him down it's time for this connection. Any 47 if you miss your chance to find that somebody that's what we're here Ford's Booker Alex is shares missed connection gels out of and CEO Victor tell us a story about this girl and we wanted to set you up. All right well I mean connoisseur on dark popular down but the other would negotiate delivered history. You my opposite. You know so far in the lobby and should happen to be delivering the key to me it's my birthday and that yes she was really cute. In those rain little sort like picnic. She had to go padded out with us hapless cubs tattoo on her. Army out they can't stand Chicago. It you know outside Barnes of the cookies in the attic I did that thing where I think I started daylight has his day but it you know it kind of came out as like a jumble of sounds. Yeah you are nervous that's okay. This ties and yes again I gave me like that not like. You know typically are heard that they I have no idea is that a is that people like. You know nodded and yet you know it's. Two super Q and outdoors. I looked like. I tried to run into her you know I mean hanging out like it's a little cafe like bright red status. Street talent walking by this kind of try to run into her and not been. Where whale hunt but I'm arguing Chile Cathay by the two streets. Yet you know just kind of hey you know on the block it. That's not creepy and you know. If he's hanging out and he did have a sincere and unlike the relay and you're just also said he couldn't even talk rise. And now Obama cape and C meeting Keyaron. This is leaving it leaving the pros that's where we got to the good news is that we know her name it's back which is better than what you can do for. Ahead at. Obviously is pretty easy to pinpoint a location Georgia based upon where your office is so if you wanna talk to we've got her on hold and she agreed to come on all she knows is somebody wants to talk tour she doesn't know that Yuban creep in but we'll try to make this is lease creepy as possible okay. Wrapped it all your sense at all it's an error and asset. Hey back. Ice usually go the real reason that we contacted you and Ashley come on her show is because there is a guy. That may EU Andy's office and his name is Victor and he's on the phone right now you'd live bird to the streets to his office for his birthday got off the elevator he was there he signed for the cookies. Do your remember that. He thought you were absolutely adorable. And didn't really know how to go about contacting you soon that's where we intervened. OK hey at the garden. How're you. Murky. Now he's a little weird with conversation he's never he's he's. Nervous. You know you deliver cookie jar opposite side you really cute. And I was just wondering. Perhaps you wanted to hang up and I think only knows I. I had a weird they united disfigured. Victor I just a shell put your hope for second okay. Are. A Beck I don't wanna make you uncomfortable line I'm kind of getting the sense that you're feeling a little awkward. I'm so sorry I I have a police are at war. OK I mean that would have been okay treatise and. An Angel I just feel so bad I had. It's okay tonight connect MC can tell him or okay yeah I area. We can tell him hey Victor yeah argue back as a boyfriend. I'm so sorry nick carry your and your primary day. Lovely and armed gunmen and shirt that many many girls will follow your feet and I'm so sorry. I don't know maybe. If you use the code refreshed and online there in the app you can get 10% on. Feel that they had given him in the streets and how well I don't immediately went it would make no matter. Now an Arctic outbreak. That's honest yeah.