As a do you deal with the playground bully?

Tuesday, June 26th

As a do you deal with the playground bully?

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Oh how do here is apparent deal with a playground bully let me tell you situation I was in over the weekend I stopped by to pick up some to go food at a restaurant I should say you know we're still waiting on it you finish up but there's a playground outside of your take kids. I know you know. When I'm talking about Allison sure Jacob has been on there 1000010 AM place all time out at a playground I don't know why you go there as much as you do budgets. Easy because mom and dad can chill out there by tens planets in close. That seven Beers likes and actually the front street. Part of the playground structure is a rock wall that you climb in the there's like a little treehouse in the top well Grayson my son is all about the rock quarry now so we climb the rock wall. And there's this little kid I am guessing he's around 56 years old and he's gaining at the top and he's like the bouncer at the. Place you know there's always one of those are. I'm bully and the place game. What do you do with apparent in this situation I'm a new pair so low the rules of how to discipline other kids this is really a tricky situation. So. He says to my sign and you can't come up here. In fighting words he's like almost to the top of the rock wall right and I'm like yeah they can anybody will let him out he's like you can't come up here unless you know the password. Joyce said to him the password is. I said move aside is. I said I did you say with a smile Italy's Ellis nice about it again. I said he can come appear move aside that's password. And he still lake stood his ground and look around and I'm trying to find his parents not to see if the parents concede and I'm talking to the grind piracy of they would get it nobody inside nobody around nobody's turning their head around so did a light healed but he can't play nice and move aside did you estimate the password was short. The password any day and said do you have what he's just been a pull up. He's able law would you have done that situation if Jacob was trying to get up there. And my daughter was trying to crawl down the slice short of the slight on the sly. It was a small kid. That was climbing up. The slide yeah. So it would you like or when kids are acting a fool with your children do you have the right to step in and claim lean DURECT then to the right thing to do or do you just have to teacher can only equation. I feel your pain 100% because this happens always when it's in its legislative Dennis plays and when we go to the park same situation as happens. Everywhere and it's always so awkward because you're like a mentality it's like you almost like pray that there's not the kid wants a kind of the top of the Sayyaf. And there's not a kid that simple we're balanced Serbian that person or is that the kid that like once on the swing longer it's just awkward I think that when Jesus except that it's always awkward as a parent I mean life will be easier to do there's no way. Are you what you did talk in the kid who we play lines it's time to pass for his move. He did the right thing and what do you do Beckel and I seriously in Europe as your adult and kids are gonna tell you what you know I mean that's. And their parent by the way should be watching and doing the whole I mean if you're an adult glad you're kid you would notice a means parent should know this is kind of stuff. And get out and teller kid not to be that way. Off black cinema blown out there sure I'll tell you I've never felt more like a man and I realize is because the toggle Fieger. OK so flip to reverse it let's say you're son Grayson is now playground bully in heat and you were not around another parent went up how would you want another parent you handled the situation if you were not there. Yeah it's a good question sir I don't think I would be comfortable with another prayer disciplining my child but my case should not be acting a fool. Should moon. I think politely asking my sign that. Do the right thing would be okay but after. It was like in a full on the playground you would know immediately because you keep a nine naked and I let them. Alex you would have gone up there doing. Apparent want him to see talking your son or daughter you lock up and and you are disciplined you can have heard needed to beat but you would never let your kid go along with a stranger talking them. Said earlier today it's easy for you to just like your kids play a player away you're eating and drinking and you pay attention to your kids. I. Yeah okay yeah that's a stupid question ask me I do have some Lily I would never take them anywhere and doesn't know but the sad that there are lazy parents just let their kids or parents that leave their kids out in the patio on an establishment and in their inside. Soft you know I mean I mean I'm sorry but I got to keep and that's called that's their third or fourth or fifth kids.