The Perfect Text with Aubree - her musician friend

Tuesday, June 19th

Aubree needs help telling her musician friend that his new song is NOT GOOD. 

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We started doing this a few months ago and have had great success we call it the perfect taxed. Because it's hard sometimes creating the perfect taxed a lot of times your head obese Danny or you'll have to put something in writing and then sent it to a friend and say woody think of dad's in the anti bad. The worst is like when you send in the Buick regret it right after exactly like oh my gosh it was sort of change this. No regret here we are to help out Aubrey good morning. To show you need help he charged that her pretext for a guy friend of yours and is now not some new dating it's just a platonic friend right. Yeah I had it or not we're not getting excellent friend is a culled me struggling musician and I'm. It sounds all right and that's not the he played in from. Small bars around town and he keeps asking me to come see him play and I see him play guitar and a house striking out of the numbers went form. I have never seen him perform on eat a lot of comfort and stuff you know trying to turn right. His own songs. And then he has this is Romney thinks it's like a huge hit and I've finally you meant to see him play. And now he wants to know let out of the show and and I song but he just surround aliens like. Do you think of song in the show. It was horrible key free naslund. So he was horrible on stage on the Euro is an awful. When I tell you should you'd heard him play before. Yeah it covers. To cover here are fine. I guess there is a difference between him just grabbing a guitar at home and actually performing on stage. Amplified. A little issue that. And you don't wanna hurt his feelings but yet you feel like you need to be honest with. Right and initial addition via. I share would you suggest bookmark a I have to critique people's writings sometimes for comity which is hilarious because of manic comedy writer. And it's bad I tend to just fine one thing that kind of good arm in and say I like this. Room maybe you could work on notice they summing good because he put himself out there that's awesome says supporting and in that but start messing up so proud of you OK that they'll love that song. I'm gonna start typing that I'll mark our group like did you not like this on Aubrey. I brought a lyrics. And elementary. Navy need to work on the show you say that. Well he's asking her opinion but I think that you're going to pharmacy at work here. I'm no expert yes they didn't like the leery there you know I like that day because you're actually right we're going on the run of you know it's going to be back for now oh ending. Keep the first part and then add I'm no expert but again like the lyrics again. Like a show what we have so far. I have I'm so proud of you for branching out right here and I'm no expert but I didn't like Phillip and X. They're guy like if they can't we send that yes. OK he just. Respondent. And he's. Are are. Question mark well that's like not ace. He's banking committees like also question like would you not yet so I sat aggressive and gas in doubt as it does but it's a rap you know and I mean. So now you're off. Ouch well then gummery you're honest. You gave feedback. In this critical may be stung a little bit but does not breed and Asia this.