Sara goes to Trader Joe's just for the free snacks!!!!

Thursday, May 18th

Why does Sara just go to Trader Joe's for the free snacks?


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So just again dealer teens and then that don't even realize how weird it is I yesterday SNL Sarah that's something very bizarre this one's career. It's not this year and show and I hate to use the word weird because share I think it's a loves that was me whenever I shake our that's weird your weird because she doesn't wanna be labeled as weird but she's not weird. This routine as we what you want just isn't there a clear message she's not I don't. How many weird thing is she up to do before she'll really allow the just told. One day when that I don't know I don't get. I don't get especially you don't leaves might find some. Sincerely do. And I drive I Trader Joe's on my way home from work and if you were a Trader Joe's and you know that in the back is sore at every Trader Joe's they have somebody every day who's making a little tiny simple of the meal to highlight something that they sell and sort. And there's a little treat myself even upon on a diet it's what teak street I eight Lockheed Trader Joe's. I grabbed the simple. Enjoy it eminently. And it's. Like a little highlight of the day that we work can play. Let me go get my treat for untreated and the concept of the sample as takes cases huge inning if you like he'd go by did we sell it here. I've wished Condit you that would chicken salad AG beat fellow and they're like and by the cheap shoddy goods pita chips for free I guess it's on because it's like made with the real telling me or that I am thrilled ticket or judges and yes I believe rotisserie chicken if you leave with a buying all I did because Italy does show guys are gonna go get a. Sarah odds burned no I never leave why. Hate that is not about that is just about to treat it's just about the sample it's not about buying the sample assists but enjoy this sample is also some that they do. See I would say that may be year like. Smart and on the something because people do this all coming cost stored HEB but the men and do a book does I'll take a bad taste really good. Well they do that when they're shopping for other things so that they are to buy things Sarah is not there it might not. She's adjusted to the free half and going. All yesterday they had a little tiny slice of pizza and a salad how tight you know what that's like how tiny little place appear like that's kinda like big league I TT. Dad dude. Dude stopped park your car under identities seatbelt and walked inside PDs isolation.