Sara is the roach killer

Tuesday, August 1st

Sara has a lot of different ways to kill roaches. 


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Shiraz where varies we love her is because she has so many unique cord should just kind of make up who she is like for instance she. It doesn't use a toilet paper because of them messes up the ecosystem you took your browser does towels paper towels discussing. Paper Catholic and a guy and I showed crowd that you wipe your bomb without without dished out. Are you guys imagine he did out there who have used it sells for everything that. Despite FBI adding prodigal. But she's got a unique way and we don't just when you think you got her passion comes that was something now Shinn did and her ways of killing bugs. This is to PSA for everybody to that I've tried all things because they live by creek rates so I have a lot of roaches and not including her send their ally right now I don't a whole lot of those big Texas roots is so they are in my home. From time to time and I hate in my key Killen because the crunching sound. Local will Larry. Grosses me out. So idea is I just grabbed the closest cleaning product and I found some work to better than others. But for example we she's spray them with cleaning I ought to round them dear until they die down there were only didn't do so they die obviously sometimes it takes longer than others like for example the other day I used to home armor mildew stain remover plus blocker. It was though is because they get it didn't have a lot of chemical that in that dude it was like five minutes and we through half a bottle of liquid before he finally drowned can't you step on them. Know that sound so discussing. You are reading the chemical in Chile drowned and that's what messed up you water boarded a refuge. That's also illegal yeah I mean that is awful dude. Index totally works is enough toxins in that. The scrubbing bubbles mega show our summer and Lily looks out that is hard core aren't edit follow them up which is good Cuban barely get a phone part Yemeni president. Yeah in the club then that's our. Quigley who is blue residue of I've tried in just before I let you know that smoke legal women that you Dan that's not to agree about hairspray works really well because it's sticky since then they just flake. Marines with the help him SN. He's had a great panic right in the nation and I wanted to have a lighter laying around but light there's brand like torched we're all like yeah. Online but be careful as eco light light them your Condo on fire. How do you not do that share I have also tried nail polish your member in blue and green list. How do you do nail polish remover just for the bottle on top of just poured on top and a little bit goes a long way and that how. Our new Listerine but that only works if they're in the shower at the seeing kids in a system Matt Ryan Bradley the great Britain's M I mean it's fresh approaches. You're pretty I was excited about is I didn't have cleaning products is as in the kitchen so I grabbed a mud and then just put it on top of the roads. It's and then the next day I was like of course it'll be dead than I read it a little too low so I locked England and a Headley three mugs in my house a little pet roaches she's just gonna wait now for them to die waiting out the slow death you three euros and solitary and fine. You seriously.