Sara on the Street - Do people talk on the phone while in the bathroom?

Friday, February 17th

What's your exit strategy while talking on the phone in the bathroom?


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This morning for Sarah this treated equal I should mention everybody needs to know the answer to do you talk to the fall you your ambassador. It's OK here's the thing I had to ask women because I know we all do it but nobody talks about it as you're my best friend flushing Wallace I'm. And I talked to her in the bathroom and I always wonder she can hear me. You don't always tell when somebody's bathroom AIC a little different from a little bit more at town cutting them by the sound and the little different gas. Are expected for guys I think yeah I do now and I do. I mean he had home GAAP non public though. Really the essence of the getaway method Murat and to get away act now. There's little generally an athlete how do you flash do you run you out Enron and are you come back confines of your Susie is often what he did well usually normally do and that's the whole new walk dated. Tough tough tough yeah. And I called him a W I. I'm you to walk away and then your own golden he had he had done a mutant your back to gain Joseph what do women do you commit. And ladies you all do way I know you don't like target guys like you know like target of you hardly EG Billy I know you bill here's your honestly did talk to the well using the bathroom. Geez the phone line on the toilet texting yet actually adds to the sexy but it's not. Deep slash Steve just like not scared you walk away and slash pretty flush really quick and run. I flushed I don't care how flesh while I'm on the you ever use the bathroom and talk on the phone at the same time yes. If so what's your getaway Matt did I usually paid on you for a second place and then laid to rest of the fact that any. Tennis do you talk on the telephone and use the bathroom at the same time all the time. And I I have been known to talk on the phone and if I am face time in my husband I turn the phone away. Tournament next. What do you do you walk away and then return I do walk away I want and how walk away phonetic flesh later I did. I always talk on the cell phone I'm on about him that he muted when you're going to the bathroom. And then you take it off me you say something then you need it again to flush toilet. Then you go. Do you ever talk on the phone my very easy Miette bathroom and you don't have compared terrific. This either makes people laugh because they do it or make them laugh because their son comes evolve most of the people in this room talk to their friends while using the bathroom. No that's not OK you can not talk the only and the basket Turco with a bit.