Sara wrote a bio for Booker and he has no idea what is in it

Thursday, September 21st

Sara reads a bio she wrote about Booker to him. 


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I recently had to I submit a bio for a event I was during and I didn't have a chance to do it because. Who's right Camilla the craziest week in my life between moving in getting married I just had no time in the needling they were gonna have a within the next thirty minutes. So I should share. I need a favor here ugly out. Gimme a solid here and submit my bio forming even. Got this revenue got the yet the news the memo and Nina bio during your bat. Apart yeah during my mashal party huts are bachelor party. Was it hut's hamburgers out that's an yacht and that's an all now are crazy selling a lecture we please do this for racially gag got this. So I have yet. To read the bio I specifically did not read it even though she copied me on it ha. But I haven't done it become a funder read on the radio and see how close she was asked this is all just pure speculation. He wasn't trendy wacky I don't think I heard that prep purposely waited to ask you bluntly well I mean I think he wrote in Brad Booker form. Like how Brad Booker was I. Do you use is writing down just broad it out quick everything I know I grab book I say this little stuff the you know about me. Sue you would see is like what 90% of your under within a 100% OK actually yeah okay here we go. Please share your drag your feet aren't radler guerrillas in South Boston with his lie it. Hey Avery on and two children Grayson a marry. Booker is an avid C span in fact the only reason Booker took the job I'm excited for seven was because offices are across the street from Westlake high school. Where Drew Brees went to school he can often be found sitting on the curb hoping for Drew Brees drive by hitting into jury agrees. The girls celebs prince Michael Jackson flashy shirts burgers wine and donut holes. There is a member of riverbend church. Also attended a Matthew McConaughey hey hash tag principles. Well I gather Ahmed had finally and I started out and actually I feel like crap about them but as. Nothing to do with it at all please share your professional bag of feed Booker has been in radio since high school his high his radio career is taken into major markets like Dallas. Las Vegas Phoenix and finally Johnston. Booker is now on the show for his never ending pop culture knowledge and camped Booker. And for his tiny. Jokes. And forget how is cancer overall and specifically breast cancer impacted you or your loved ones I've been extremely fortunate that up to this point my feeling has not been affected by breast cancer. As a new father and has been my priorities have shifted and I joined the fight for their future house. And I discussed it. And ally and Eileen what are you most excited about being involved in this campaign. This is little hard for me okay here's highway quote. Our greatest privilege talking on the radio each and every day is that we have the power to share what is important I'm excited to share this message. And it doesn't hurt that people tell me I look at nineteenth we keep faith. Honor. And neck and there. It's not a land a lot of time that's Gary thank you didn't want. All you did very well now yes at a 100% trickled here Bradford is back on a single to curb weight perjure. I drive my right arm ballistics match they'll now not scared that's perfect candidate Shirley you're welcome kicks sound and still we actually submitted a pretty accurate by I mean would you expect the effect well. I'm in Illinois Sharon I mean. For fur like el Al spurt. For a different cause I would have expected wacky year. I don't. Obviously is you have the Cuban professional but funny entertaining but it was perfect it was dead very I'm very shares thank you idea alert a lot about myself I. I learned a lot about I don't ever made did.