Sara's Dating Diary: Beauty and the Beast

Wednesday, October 11th

Why studies say women who are more attractive than their husband are happier. 


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First series. You diary on me. Booker an Alley silly say that a deep weird looking dear insist this is perfect to a new article all from the New York Post says deep a frog. NASA the prince. Researcher Ayers from Florida State University. SC knew right here in Texas in Dallas analyzed a 113 newlyweds. All married less than four months they were in their late twenty's living in the Dallas area. A full body photograph was taken to be subject who is ranked is still one of ten and in terms of facial and body attractiveness. The researchers also gave the lovers question nears focused on their willingness to die and stay in shape. The study had quote beauty and beast results. Women. Were half here with blessed genetically blessed husbands who compensated in the relationship. With acts of kindness. Including giving kids. Or completing extra housework. Meanwhile. Women who at a hotter husbands are found to be more likely to obsessive over exercising. And indicting. An effort to be slim. I try to find the actual study to find out the effects of min with hotter women or vice Versa but basically I can summon up in one sentence. Men with hot wives are happier because they have a hot wife. Yup that's it and that's. There Natalia I say that's why he's. Actor isn't it's obvious learning and unfortunately ugly guys have to try harder it makes me sad because this basically says in new general when they did this study. When and where insecure. Attract the when he tragic Wallace is with a really attractive guy and you always feel the anxiety of having to keep on me out of this. When your with a less attractive guy. Then the pressure taken off for you this week before. Still the pressure taken off of you as a female because. I bet other females judge and say like com what's up with tear my easier hot new day nice guy. No because it's across the board it's so normal again like it's very normal I didn't but I do feel bad that worked so as a would not everybody I understand but typically in accordance of the study women were very insecure when they felt that there has been an otter from best. We need to voted not to come in if we want to. Mantra whoever Ali please tell I'm trying to. My best friends and I only have one girlfriend and like hasn't like within ugly guy and it's not common among allies. That's the pain. Luckily she's an ugly guy yeah you.