Sara's Dating Diary: Can bffs ruin relationships?

Tuesday, July 10th

Sara's man has pretty much met everyone except this one special lady. Can bff's ruin relationships?

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For serious. You diary on me. So I've been dating my man now for over eight ninths and it's good for us. Little celebration for myself. Now he's met my parents he's met my brother he's met pretty much all my best friends here in Austin Dallas and Houston and they'll later this month he will meet. That credit electric and my number one lady the woman who probably knows me best in this world. My best friends since grade Alexis June. We're going to Los Angeles where she lives and I'm so excited for them to meet but. If I'm going to be honest I'm so anxious for them to meet because it's like jays finally get to meet the missing piece of me. It's Alexis completes me and last night my main incident bespoke request to Alexis last seen then screams dotted incident back to meet. And she was very excited and really diet the recent development. BBN after approval can be tough James got a really great job at introducing me to all of his friends and Merrill lost some. I'm not really greed at it it's like I have a secret language with some of my friends and I don't know how to teach it to other people. And on top of that grocer really hard and other girls significant others. All admit that I judge my friends significant others harshly I don't know if it's because I'm horrible person. Or if it's just that I hold some of my friends in such high regard that I find a lot of mid may choose fall short. So I'm trying to work on the judgment because I know deep down inside of my friends are happy. Then all I need to do is be happy for them luckily my best friend Alexis is weightless judge even me. That is my dating diary. Okay let's just. Earlier way you'd you. Read that to review very animated and obviously very very excited about this league this is a Billy this is the final step by arguing that well while not the final shot and the final final step as you know down down down. That this is a very very big moment. Eleven I used my man like 87 times I know. I actually get your way from me now because they may be other girls to relate to this I've been single my life pretty much in my best friend Alexis has also been signaled her whole life for the most Britney she's had long term boyfriends she's single currently and so we talk every. Couple days for an hour or so at a time. And that we've been doing the things here and you know in ninth grade since we are fourteen years old in most conversations. Revolve around guys. So different I tend because my two favorite people. And they don't know each other yet. I think Jay went wrong with and a friend requests. You do a lot I just don't think you know what I put myself and issues and if I. I am laughing at it because I would never send my wife's like best friend and a simple crash. I really if that's the you do after you mean yeah. Not before assets lessing the whole time out. After LA oh lead then and then he says differently don't citadel fall on it's always after you meet somebody you said the for his wife Phyllis Iran. You probably heard his teasing Mets do why don't think this. Alexis last night 625 that was only times that happened here at 825 wrote can't wait to meet him soon. Does this era now probably let it. Set on friend right now art can spirits and require as well she already so they he's. Yeah. Party for and the thirtieth that and Cherie yeah Alexis Aaron back to its for an official to announce she's busy judging every single one of his. And going through. Don't say you know what the percent she's deuce is judge what I said zoo and she's probably not just working class and CNN time election night would you right now. Meg here's my biggest question yes and he might be able to say that's because he is some what yeah. Your best friend in the whole it world says I don't know what I think about this guy well. Do you continue to gave him or she says I have this wrong feeling. He's not the one for you do you you dump them out now has it ever doubt that his ever listen to their best friend's advice never. And a session to listen I. And.