Sara's Dating Diary: Do you need butterflies

Tuesday, August 21st

Sara's Dating Diary: Do you need butterflies

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First series. You diary on me. You know he'll have to get butterflies. On a first date so I recently. How to for commie who Johnny first meeting is psychology and and really call it a first date because. Even know if you like deep somebody if you've never even met them. And she rattled off this long list of all the great things about him. And then she ended it with. I didn't get the butterflies in my stomach aches. I don't because she got a second T. Eight law. You. All think that organ a finer person and and then the birds are gonna saying that pirates are gonna explode it maybe that does happen for some people. But I think it's. A lot less than were led to believe honestly I think some people not think everybody does this. A lot of people who talk about all the butterflies are a 100% exaggerating the story because it's always easy to look back to that first state. And claim well I neo I nailed it there butterflies I neo. And butterflies or Superfund their rates. But some say blinds you to everything house those times that I felt all the butterflies I've put that all Allison and it made excuses. As to why he only called at midnight or never play and didn't Nader never called period. What I told my friend is. Is a whole lot going on the first time you meet somebody. Some are really hard for the first meeting energy to be perfect. Nothing in common and Stewart don't see him again but if you connected on multiple things. And the only thing missing was the butterflies. Girl go on a second date everyone as well. Nervous and aching and on a per state anyway. Go to second date hey Brett have a glass so line and give those butterflies time to come out because maybe they're a shot butterflies. And all speak honestly like I never had butterflies in her first day. Sometimes they come out of iPad more than two glasses of wine. That's real Michael different now we have first meeting is I call it. Is it just. Save leg my heart a lot of my chest and I certainly do in the happy dance that can later so have any. Butterflies don't dictate a relationship may that's my dating diary. A man adding to the butterflies and I went on David my wife not because we were his first loss is cheating on her boyfriend at times I was kind of worried that we're gonna get caught. So there was no butterflies and if they're butterflies is more like where were outward Riddick yeah we are an olive garden across that a senate town and now. So as to his day yes. We have the dangerous butterfly. Butterflies because there's unlimited Bradstreet absolutely. Yeah. Let's be real mean. I usually are all about it traction yet to begin. Thank you very much there we don't Alex.