Sara's Dating Diary - Girls are DIRTY

Tuesday, August 7th

Sara's Dating Diary - Girls are DIRTY

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For serious. You diary on me. Eight sell a life this plus singer have you guys heard of her I lover she's a comic from Texas she actually. Group in Dallas in winter private school it was just generic question and they you'd and one has to answer either internalize this lessing yes absolutely not day. She's thirty years old she just got married so she's been living the single girl lifestyle for a lot of time. And it 2008 she became the first woman. And youngest person to win last comic standing she's that hot specials on Netflix and one just came out and I'll like two weeks ago. And it's called elder millennial she's hilarious relatable encouraging and her comedy isn't raunchy it's just really Smart so. I watch your comedy special last weekend after men need girlfriends texted me to do so and yet every single girls should watch it. Everything she says I'm like yeah and it's including Mets. But it did you think is your twenties it's a weird mental game boys coming out of for the first time you're trying to reconcile. The beautiful home that your mother catch that you live in growing up with the beautiful home that like being tress says you're supposed to have. And the fact that you have no money. I should at rotary dinner I don't know. Boys coming over you are leaning. Like you've never cleaned before and it's hard because women secretly are. Filthy. No one wants to laugh about it like yeah me. I want to imagine that I know him a girlfriend so why not ask the hot girlfriend. Check the center console her car. That migraines is every single girls dirty little secret number went. We are disgusting and a car console really is a time capsule into our lives Mike Hart console. Has an old Motown CD and it has melted chapstick. A few scandals in Tampa unsold that there rappers have started to fade not heat affect. Also it is so true we knew the guy comes over to our place for the first time. Week clean like crew breezy when it Beckham's are the first time to my place. I clean my place in the united higher made the all worries in I have plants outside my home is because once I went out and bought an entire guard in. And he does I just wanted to seem like I had agreed. And so he came over to my place and I hadn't. It clear that we had offered him. The only reason I. And matching bath houses because once a guy came over and I didn't want him to judge my mismatched Alice. And the only reason I have a rug in my home is because the guy was coming over and it motivated me to buy it because I won and I placed a leper bait. And the only time my dog it's a bath is when a guy's coming over who didn't. So that is our dirty it also little secret we are dirty and if you came by our house the morning of the date it would look like a tornado but somehow magically by 7 PM it is in and see only. Clean place that smells like lavender and cookies that's my dating back. She all we need a wanna bring a guy backs your latest year just keep the dirty do you do that thing that you do with your body. Oh where you don't shape. It put a net absolutely I think it's up. If it's a buffer. And by the way I actually read somewhere and post something that said. You know that whole thing about not shaving is nonsense because if you really want to you're going to you know. Well. I mean really out your dirty houses they're gonna keep you from absolutely. Caller well for you absolutely. He can't know that I am actually dirty iron thank you share.