Sara's Dating Diary: The scientific way to break up with someone

Wednesday, October 18th

Science now knows the best way to break up with someone! 


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First series. You diary on me. A new study found the best way to break up with someone is to give them a quick warning and indeed direct. Say something lake. We need to talk. Give them a few seconds to realize it's bad news. Then just say you wanna break up. Softening it just makes it harder the study found that beating around the bush anymore then that can make it easier on year though. But not the person your break and hapless if you drag that you're actually being super selfish. And that is a lesion does Bullard owl with no warning now I Dili when given a few seconds to realize they're about to get the bad news. The NB blinds our rate so that's a great news think science all graded ice but what I really needs now is how to say. To a bumble date after getting a drink yeah I don't wanna go on a second deep. How do you tell a person yet barely know that she shared a drink with that base on a thirty to sixty minutes of interaction. That you do not like him enough to go get another drink I mean it's horribly awkward. You can't pay tellem right there which like no that's not happened. Ordered. Yeah I'm not that interest and I can break up with somebody no problem it's been telling a perfectly nice stranger. Then after giving them the once over that I don't ever want to see them again and was best way science. That's my dating Gary. Arguing this jury churn them. I mean I have gone on some bubble day it's most recently and when asked at the end okay so you wanna go on a second date I was like and Clinton. And. I wish I was a girl seconds to say now have that power tells them that power. I think that yes it might sound mean but if you do it in a nice way and you say look I think that you are a nicer guy in him and I we enjoyed our time together but I just don't think you and I are compatible with one another show I appreciate you taking time to. Be here and ask me on pay for this nice dinner. But I don't see a second date so thank you. The reason I'm tired is because it feels the superficial because how to I really know a trend compatible with someone based on a thirty minute or sixty minute conversation right. Most of the time you don't want to go out with somebody again after her first state its first superficial. Reasons this is my other fear and this has happened to me what if they say what do you mean an irate fit how to you know what specifically don't you like about me. Then they're crazy and you zero validates why oh why you're you're glad you're not going on a second day. OK so when he says to go out again how do you respond this is what makes you guys I think anyway might dilemma that science is not have the insert photo I'd say I say let's see what's up. What does that mean exactly the thought process. I thought.