Sara's Dating Diary: The worst Match message ever

Tuesday, November 14th

Sara is on Match, and she gets some very interesting messages! 


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First series. Eating a diary on me. So as you know I have done all the dating sites and most of the time messages are pat I. Hi I really liked your profile. High your profile gossip mud up to its yet. You see air from the radio. I actually exports TO. Hi we all play concerts. I ate. In other words people are really Levy that's 99.9. Percent of messages on match shack com. But every once in awhile you get to do easier today I want easier it is to get their theory this should be shared with the world aren't kids it's back guide. And you read this now god can do is America where your numbers are. Hi beautiful I'm and I worked. I don't work my cubicle I'm typing away looking quite professional. I'm totally blowing up this dumb meeting and stealing company tied just to hit on you but I'm totally with that we'll look at me and K well I'm passing tees. Upon this year and this is a joke and this is the real message really human being insane Osama fifty year old man Ali feel. Our own. Fifty yeah he's fifty it sounds like it a guy on our our pick up where you left out there sure let's meet Gjelten compounding the keys looking all serious even if you don't reply. Ali so totally be on the fast track to employee of the month. Or unemployed so since I'm stealing company's time I think it's only fear that you reward my lack of integrity. By letting me take you out to dinner. Well and since she likes funny undercut I have a background CNET comedy and Emma talks with fox over sick come. Oh and certainly get tons of messages and may not reply I completely understand it will not follow you just know little sleep like a baby. You know I'll wake up every two hours and cry until I pass out or find a doomed to suck on no pressure though. Now that part actually kind of funny at. Did that fighting guys it's stupid up until I'll sleep like a baby found mine never I do when you're writing me a message Whaley read that part again drew the Cologne just soak in a percentage. Did. I'm sure you get tons of messages in May not reply I completely understandable not well you just know I'll sleep like a baby you know. All wake up every two hours in cry until it passed out or find a bid to suck on yeah. This guy does this cannot be real art guides videos were there. When Zach. That's Jack said Harry earth or is it the Jetsons. And well and yet Allred is it I don't know I don't know it's it's. Our two dogs guys this is my H Diaz and check. Did my grandfather. Are old uncles send you this message sorry let's go back a few in the meeting are looking my way giving me distinct eye. The ladies probably think I'm working on our deadline while the guys are wondering what porn set them on. I need a New Year's resolution to go on ten dates this year. My friends mostly female have reminded me the year is almost over and I zeroed date this is where you command. Can I get you to commit to ten dates so my friends will feel like they did not give me a match membership in Dane. Hell we can even meet at 1159. Kick it into 12:15 AM I feel like. Block him. PS my gay coworker just say your picks and says your core just to spite you should know OK we'll and done. Stealing company time tag you're it. War. Wow now I would rather have all of the messes you said before on the while miners hi what god is he like and and did you replies here. That world Zahn now person right there yet has the has that renowned their notes up hey we have every person. Absolutely. Oh mind this guy. I am I guarantee he sent off to so many other people to read and may think it's hilarious. To. Steal insight into my world store dude we're environmental impact happened. In his hat on and I like. I wanna be getting is that sleep like a baby line in here is that standard special on five flu. Cali and outlined.