Should Shannan date the boss she met on Bumble?

Tuesday, August 21st

Should Shannan date the boss she met on Bumble?

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Dare whichever guy you worked with no not ask it for me master for shared and I. What if you started taunting him before he found out that you worked with them Lou still troubling now. Now so Shannon. You mash with a guy am bumble and and then you found out that oops yell worked for the same company will be here will. How weird is that. Yeah if it's a little more complicated that I wanted to be thought it through the few reasons I am really kind of considering. Skills I wanted to perspective OK here I mean like you panic I didn't even know we work for the same company I found out after we guarded and chatting for a bad. And even that we virtually the same companies tactically. To still work in Chicago. Pretty moving to Austin. But he did copy that one team moved to Austin. He pretty much of planting on on leaving and he's gonna he's gonna find another job. Also hold. Eagerly verse and accompanied. He's DTE so I don't report to him but he is like my boss's office spot soul. I don't know that technically makes it worse and make better or. And her. You've got to find me at Chicago. And then you really wanna go by external pressure put on the ground. To order it's just it's really neat thinking you know they like me. And. So share that's a little they different. You have if it's someone that she's not get him running into a big company obviously ours is not so few dates of when you work with you're gonna seem every single day. Her situation is such that you might not seem at all. Is kind of run into him yesterday. But the Celtic that he just means he's you happen to be here and yeah again I ran an Oval Office yesterday. And then what if he's not going to be working there for very long. That's what I'm thinking I don't now let her rest on having a great relationship with somebody that seems like. It really great when he the united you're on the wrong. I don't fully committed person because I don't have a good perspective on how big of a company for example I've always worked and smaller radio stations so to me is a 100%. You know out of the question. But I've heard from works at Dell it's key. Rigid if you're like you're Cadel Dino so and so there's about a 1% chance that they know each other and I think they have different. Campus is it and stuff like that. I don't always is boss saying it's the boss thing that makes a difference he's gonna take heat for statement of its employees even those not directly York. Boss and you're gonna take heat not just for date not hire out but I higher pass. I hierarchy now yeah we talked about no matter what an economy. I say doing don't tell anybody especially if he's leaving the company anyway at its worst if you don't tell any ornament it's a big secret and it's a bigger pain that's OK I get that. I gave the worst decision ever and I can't get over yourself right now the worst decision ever their ego guy. We worked directly or one another. And we data we kept it secret for a long time before we told anybody and it's possible by the way but are you really gonna go to Chicago. Her and her friend Brian. You know really want it now you're not going to be normal tourists you're gonna be going to be a lover. Yep for sure. I mean guy doesn't fly you know to see him somewhere without expecting to makes we'd love makes rebuff. That's there there you don't even get one. They'll and trying to connect and don't need matter. I'm up in bad OK but she has every right to say now absolutely. Are all core. I mean really but I'm just saying just I hate that although he's getting expects some vague look at that does that mean you have to give him anything you don't and you set the rules you can go to Chicago and have a great weekend and not do any meat kick and sleep on the couch and he sleeps in the bag yeah. As you can do anything of that but Sarah he expects something. Absolutely and that is why Sarah and I agree with everything you sat for sure but because of those expectations. And again word generalize in here but I think it's a safe assumption. Oh but we could say it's a 1%. I'm Matt I women out of town we expect something so here's what you did little. I believe in Asia or obligation to set those parameters if you don't intend on doing any thing and again there's a law Astor care you know all things may change. Buy it I believing need to make that appeared from the beginning before even go to Chicago. And luck don't be expecting any and then and then let him decide whether or not he really whispering I'm surprised if in your email box there's a canceled flight for. It's like any well.