Street Match Game: Bruce Wayne

Friday, July 14th

Listen our favorite new game Street Match!


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Does China placed three match he would seem easy to play we go out on the street we interview Raymond stranger we ask him five questions we will then. Then ask our listeners the exact same five questions however many answers you match you get a prize for our contesting this morning is new poll in stuttering each morning you called. Hi hey good morning. I you're intelligent you are stranger on the street. Larry what's your name Bruce Wayne Williams when media did you courts how I even in that five years do you liken it I'm a bit. What's your favorite credit detail my favorite man. BMW Lexus like you get excited we get to detail that this BMW Lexus like that was just one car or lack Saudi man leg BMW slashed Alexis plan. Alley there a lack of Jesus that he can't design online I that he was target about the new model the BMW blacks and I -- obviously missing in unison we're playing with that man no it didn't hit me Belarusian weighing in Indiana the first thing I thought of that and Ollie got to the BMW Lexus is really believed the new and approved. I'm holding up now. God this is Bruce Wayne and you are listened to or Booker addicts and Sarah street Mets game omits that to 47. That call that's Q five collections elegy to answer them as quickly as you can are you ready yeah. I hear again if one synchronized swimmer drowns do the rest have to drown too narrow one it put holes in crackers. So they don't get stale. And that is that you don't look at me money main Nabisco. They antiques back in the olden days yeah yeah what time of the animal shuffle off against an Alan finally why does a McDonald's sell hot dogs. Because they have less quality beef and the has. Yeah. And answer. Those Nike ferry as. It. Let's see if you need any matches if one synchronized swimmer drowns. Do the rest have to drowned soup of course. The synchronized swimmer he's recorded everything. Why did it holding crackers. They don't promote and crackers. I just wondered when they put in a brace. I don't know I guess so scared because polls why do you think people to put on him. Did they get into peeks back in the olden days and hours old antiques bad old days. And what it does look like older entries that do today what I think analyst snuggle up against. But up just bad who have no sides idea. He's on Sesame Street snapple begins. I don't know do you know anybody from Sesame Street which are there there's your favorite pig bigger and hospital grounds you know white in the McDonald's so hot dogs. Big. Because they sell hamburgers. But hot I many amateurs go hand in hand right now McDonald's is Jermaine O'Neal. Q is all okay. Donald does is still hot dogs because they are cheat on their own energy in America. He was bad in the game but instead sending Morgan Freeman and. How will still love the incidents I don't know if he'd never even heard the name of learning he's insistent but analysts he's big. Think birds' best friends do once every decade but also being good and I'll give. Right you're not done the McDonald's. I read from I'm fit born race. It's hard Oscar itself. Out is better than aren't aren't brought the Celtics.