Talk Flirty to Me: Chloe wants to track down Doug

Wednesday, September 20th

Chloe ran into Doug downtown and is scared she didn't write down the right number. 


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So yeah. Is this sense of fun the top thirty to me. Believe me ask Khloe good morning from what I can tell us about this guy that you're mad do you want us to connect you have to. Okay well and entire area and a lot better and I don't and the main she called him mad because that is really heavily and aren't. Man how I'm glad that eighty eating parking garage it was near and Andrea and yes. And exactly right by Terry bills and deals done through an all out. Senator papal Obama being an entire argument back there and we all watched does Karl find is laying off the ground in coming off around the corner. So wait isn't the guy that you understood it. I. And it. I could have sent out prior better unit chatting up friends for a couple men and then we made eye contact if you are. And Bob friend of mine in that in him or my number form. A permanent reported do you. Banner it. Any keep her a latex glove and a and I can write down my name and my number if you're a writing your name and number doubt on latex glove after you let him greatly. Oh. Yeah. Moos. Yeah. 5% or about it was. Will had a ball solo on a chance but I would not able to make whatever I thought I would do something that I never download or which there. Caller yeah eight and. Came right people chill Chloe first Genesis information two weeks ago and it's taken us awhile to track down the guy but we think we did it with the help of share his firefighter friends I oddly Leckey let you ladies have a few friends that are married to firefighters circulation we found him and we do have him on the phone if you're ready we'll connect you. Oh k's right ping on they dug. Yeah I your own Booker Alex is shares December would you call talk flirted to me I know weeding give you very much information by a couple of weeks ago you were called if you work with a heavily intoxicated man in front of the ABC bank parking garage and in the process of all the issue medic Gerling Chloe I guess Khloe wrote down her phone number on a latex glove. Yeah. I actually I do remember that. I tried calling a couple times that I entered so that's. And she gave me a signal who work. She did not give you a fake number she just didn't write it down very allegedly. And since you had not Calder she wanted to reach out to us to see for your track you down our alleged you know that Khloe is on the phone. I. Hey this is that the fantastic LRU. I you really happy that you didn't have bought into. I'm really happy to give me a bit there yeah. Hey. You guys downtown yet he. Your call because this guy who his truck on the corner yet she you just happen to have a latex clothing and. Most of them Ian has slashed firefighters learn. And most importantly we were able to track you down so we kid give you her real number so if you are pitchers dead are you aware you are single yeah. I am single and I am super interest siblings have. But it doesn't really really bummed when when I tackled the number in the guidance you know I would like not a terribly True Blue Renault. See you would likely be at Shea going out and Dave Clark. We wrote that and anything you know not a house of five deeds he stays. The opportunity. There that this is well. We'll connected to you or will make that happen this is great club we'd. Thank you for reaching out to listen Doug I'm so glad that we were able to find you and keep us posted on how everything goes good luck to you jail. Yeah.