Talk Flirty to Me: He left his card at her bar

Wednesday, October 11th

Nick left his credit card at Danielle's bar, and she wants to know if he is single. 


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So there hasn't been. It's easy. Oh. Bills got a great story about a guy that she met. If you are a bartender right and a this is interesting because most guys are trying to go out with a bartender vision lilies at the bartender turned to go out with a guy. Anaheim's tap. I work. And they're happy I'm one of the customers left and opened iPad. And I remember him because he's a woman dropped but. In local really hot and like Spielberg. Super charming and really it's very curious about the guy and I look they're filing date as it. So like talk. Ready to me can you rank and I don't really identity papers so I didn't see if you quantity. We would love to read it Draper. Well this is good actually because bush he gets to call hand and find out what he's all about the she's also doing him a service by returning his car and don't be so nice if you would you expect so this was pretty easy for us to try again because she has is first and last name boom we got them this is Mardy you know. Alike what you're doing here. I'm being good samaritans. I like you yeah I think. Well we got nick on the phone he's been holding are you ready a conference UN war. And yeah it's Booker Alex Sierra your ID you know. I know we told you somebody wanted to charge you on the radio well her name is Danielle and you might remember her as a bartender from this weekend. Other very very new translation I was jogging and that several Bartz has an asset it's as high. Okay. That's pretty funny nit. Check your wallet get your card in their. And there are definitely burger that time. I I can cancel the card the next morning tee card. Yes I can't pollute cited didn't wanna go picking up and lead me to do you want. Wow what. Keep your card they're the first please read that drunk. Yeah. I didn't mean to leave my guard I I don't know what happened and I say I've seen some photos let friends amid boos and both of them and Liggett. I can't let that sell what is clear that. Aberdeen yelled the bartender. Our did you yeah I think it's again the perfect answer I think anybody you're really down and you'll see. I don't know her. It was very nice I heard you contact does she try to find you to make sure that your card got returned to you obviously doesn't matter now by. Do that okay that's so yes sure Nigeria appreciated. That's that's not usually the case. Show and would you we went home did you go home cheered girlfriend or your life. That too bad the weird question. And I think I have. I have I have a girlfriend yeah amount and date someone. Is that it analyzed. Oh and I'm just curious where you did that night you know make sure there's somebody there to take care you since you're obviously talented. And it you saw. Here Daniel did you agree Judy. The hard when you closed it out. I had went thinking it may be waiting at. I felt a one night and his legs. He's a busy signal further. Yeah. And.