Talk Flirty to Me: Heather wants help tracking the guy that hit her dogs face with a ball

Wednesday, December 6th

Talk Flirty to Me: Heather wants help tracking the guy that hit her dogs face with a ball.


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So there hasn't been. And you get thirty always love. Loves to make connections and you had. An opportunity and you just let them slip away blood esrey connects you or if you just needle held. Getting together with somebody will do that she would call top thirty to me and Heather Zoellick this coming edged knife here across James. Well yes well I would luckily friends played soccer to link. Taken advantage of you know hang out and and you know my cock and I was kind of noticing that super cute guy. And make me he kicked the ball and it went right to make our eight. The ruling upholding. The law. I mean it's not funny I don't have it. Rory currently none of her passages accidentally reading not emperor has had an accident but you know I'm like kind of checking out of guy and then Buick accidentally hit my documents into the park our allies and -- was looking at you when he kicked the ball unlike his went DDoS phase. I mean I like to think a critical of what took so you know we're just laughing how funny that Lands' End. So. I mean I love my dock with Eric I mean it. But you know we really had meant to like go in Africa about how funny lad and if you take a number that perhaps he was gone by the time. We are old are hilarious joke because they're. Your dog is okay where I ask retarded are gonna. Show your Matty eating get his phone number but you had. Know a few things that you know the color shirt organization is playing for and you think you know the team's name. Well this one took us a long time we have a logical. I'm really impressed they do you volunteer for anything but the organization. Wasn't helpful we had to do a lot of calling the touch a lot of very confused people are but we think we finally have the guy OK so get on the phone he's been on hold only thing he knows is somebody wants to talk to own. And his name is James. Are now. Hang out at. I James. I think you've agreed to come all this so here is why we asked you to join us for our segment called talk flirted I mean first things first just to confirm that we have the right James over a month ago you were playing soccer super park and you kick. The ball. Accidentally. And hit a dog. Yet have I remember hitting. We're about to connect you to ask to see him. I'm kidding yeah. She his job now. Okay. It's funny we do we laugh because the dog is okay absolutely fine but the dog on a UN had there had had a little chat and it's still there. Are out and do you remember had their James. Knows that the girl goes with the dog C. Yes. That yes I remember the situation like this was easily a month ago say do I do remember it this situation I remember hitting the dog and part of a girl yap. Well you made an impression on her energy on. I mile below the she is no apology USA Sheldon. And I game. Hi how are you there and I'm pretty sorry at what. Have yourself you're available or are you single James Reed anybody. Oh how okay. Well I am an angle I MK out yet universe products together with your accidental. Fall and my dogs who hit. While it's slowly and I thought I thought yeah he leaves it up. A so what you called you called these guys and they tracked me down exactly. Yet the I have no clue as how to figure out of the appalled at your sides of out of market and the funny. Obama are separate the sweetest thing ever. So James Jerel worthy of coffee ER line ensure her. Dad's third car if you do choose to meet up with had there to make it easy for you lol I'd be happy to pick up the tab will pay for the first date. Wow okay that term. That's super nine's I. He is a III. Just got out of four year relationship. Around. Some I mean I am single but I am. I wasn't really planned and aren't jumping back in the dating pool right layout is just gonna chill for a little bit. Ask any unreasonable on the India can regulate a rain check and that's just something like absolutely. It's another week connect you guys in exchange numbers and maybe you can are chatted up untaxed or something it's usually if you were to go our right now it would be a little. Barack. I do remember. That emotionally and does reference oh my guys she's that the threat. For.