Talk Flirty to Me: Natalie wants to find the Packers jeep guy!

Wednesday, October 18th

Natalie wants to find the Packers jeep guy!


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So there hasn't been. It's time for Toffler enemy and this is kind of fine this what is really interesting Natalie he came across a guy that. That she's interest indeed increased on the car he's driving right yeah. If that guy did in my neighbor her head and it's key to life is like big loud eat and no one like that. People have out back. His decorated. And the ink color and team at a certain can't help it beat tabloid. A couple of weeks ago and you know quiet and my arm off. This. These are gonna love the guys you. Do you diet they're my team and now and I think they had it eight iron and and did. Where it's so hot play I blocked and a rise jeans since draining yellow now I forestry and military Green Bay Packers colors absolutely. Heard leak freon Zell Lester cornerback and would have been nice if you blast them before our game that's mean he's Sarah well like I don't anybody being hurt it just would have an offensive against her career races. Look at guys like Richard cowboys fan all well wishes to air and Roger it's okay so he drives he Packers gee that's funny. He'll likely let me one time I saw him of acting like an anchor promptly. Only the traffic over and think and act. Cool and it. You're gonna say so you like the backers so we had like some more information and we actually put our personal FaceBook pages is to see if anybody knew who this person why yes someone's seen in Green Bay Packers G Dazs and actually we know it could neighborhood and CEO and some one actually reset to Booker that they did now so. We've got on the fund's name is Ryan Natalie and if you're ready I'm well connected to you okay. Ryan. Anybody I am connection you waited Natalie here on without Booker Alex this air force in the league you call to talk flirted I mean I know. I had limited information but. The reason we reach out to you is because Nathalie please try to track key gas. Down for a couple of different reasons. Number line that she. Loves your G because she is a Packers fan. Yeah they ego. There Adam. You know hit it hurt but who will feel like somebody's got to you know we drafted in prairie we've been developed and also appeal that but we can do it that yet. The second part of the story is if she thinks you're really really cute so. We. And we would check to see if well first of all you single are you available. I need I need them not to. Am I am I'm married I'm I my wife isn't listening to the. I think rog and yeah. Well Natalie is never seen you with the girls so that's where she'd done maybe you were single. Well my my life as a native and that's why we live down here now I'm weekend down here to be near family and she she marketing and I'm driving around the net bank. That she. She doesn't care releasing and that I. We know someone I would love to be seen in the event. Camera kayak and the sound did and then all of the packer for leery. Well IO actually yeah I mean that we knew we all usually meet up on the Sunday is over at our place and I was gonna have like that an unofficial packer booster club. So they often area and I do I do have some. And single buddies I don't know they're necessarily. You know it was cute design ambush. This. Ain't right. There. Natalie did. Did you silly silly you would like to do maybe go hard at Ryan's house that he shares with his wife because he's happily married. Yeah it it it might be a little funny is that I. I. And then actually talking and Ryan's wife for lumber leaving because. Another girl actress croissants. And my fellow now really it's your life love this. You I'm gonna open late to go to break. Greg Taylor and you know that I was hunted down a over the radio. Hopefully he she's gonna have to understand. Yes he is enduring it. Natalie completely respect the situation yeah real challenge. And little.