Talk Flirty to Me: She met him at Pride Parade this weekend...was there something there?

Wednesday, October 4th

Christy wants to know if she made a connection with a bartender during Pride.


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So yeah. This time of the week because we try to connect people and make love happen. Chris he is solid testimony Christine. And hell are you know. Slow. You met a guy. And after the pride festival last Saturday. At a gay bar. I don't know ballot. Explain comics the story. I had a couple wondering if I get my gate are my have been a bit off but I whereas this guy is not gay and I would definitely picking up. Some sort of flirtation and I really lies and the next day we went to Brian's. CIA you're in love it's now nano at my girlfriend's. And yeah and though. I told her about hand and light you know I just I feel like there was a a connection there and I'm calling you to sort of reach out to him because I would a little code these story. Didn't really get his information but I know where he works. And I want to find out if he's. Interested in me. You won your friends or brunch told you about us and what we do yeah. We don't know anything about this guy except for description of what it looks like so Kessel we did for you Kristi and I look for excuses to go to the gay burqa they love going Alex and I actually have been together many times. Listen guy we have a dollar to in his hands we did get the hard Saturday's highs are only see a margin you know all. This is DNC ages ago against it did yeah some of Mariana. Okay I think we are all I get is by what else -- down his door real estate lie anatomy as an automated health regulations asserted drink and a little of clothing. Anyway. We think we found the guy based upon your description Christie's so do three of us into this bar on Monday night to get the scoop he was not working so I had to describe. Indeed jailed. Where he looked like the manager at a the lettuce does name is Bryce Bryce got in touch with us and here we are today prices on hold and if you're ready. It. A guy hey Bryce. Hello Bryce you're on the radial and Elena again thank you for agreed to come on now. All we told you is that somebody wanted to talk to you on the radio show let's fill you in on what exactly is happening here over the weekend you were working at the barn and a group of girls walked in one of whom have to be Christie who is on the line right now and she felt that there was any connection between the two view and she asked us to try to make it connection. While. It Kristy maybe you could describe yourself to Brice a problem but I think. I was wearing a bad cold draft with the Charles Grant and he OR OYL like on or not I've ever panic in the bar you got me my train you. He gave me like two free trading. I have blond hair. Not our Maria I are a big tea over your friends get lower and they're like c'mon you're missing out. I don't tackle there are remembered you know what I meant an outlook of a fat ass. Page. It said well planned public on the radio industry Bryce Christie said that she felt like you were maybe kind of flirting with her. But HE thinks your bartender and you work of the game bar itself well yeah right I mean were you flirting with her or where you just being nice. Oh absolutely no I'm I was out in front of secrecy. I thought yes. What's he answered yeah that was a nice kid out of its fastest and tools they'll bring you down. Was it flirting there was is being nice. Now if it's wearing. Her then yeah. I was I was feeling good energy and I was trying to carry that I was responding. Had been every bit. You're right when you're at a bar you're you're gonna lay on the front nine said the date key tips and in this case I would genuinely enjoying the interactions. So are you are you single. Cut back. And I don't write that would be yet no IE I can legally I I don't have a partner and I'm not attached. We're not a party at a big question here you are single and you are straight them. Oh. I think you're saying. He did Hardenne. Yeah I. I think there I go booklet with the kind that's cool that and that's kids. Yeah I yeah that we heard me I don't know if yeah I I hope you don't think that I like. It was a waste your time it simply means I thought you were incredibly potent and and very pretty good. Crystal well. Or vol I knew I wouldn't say they. Can and and you you're giving me all about it Sutton and now. But I across the bar guy yeah. It Albright should gears and taking out Christiane they gave her lunch maybe just coffee dinner whenever we are happy to pick of the to have to make it a little easier and more comfortable for you guys. All might guess there are now I would love that yeah I'd add may be totally guarantee it now. A good lunch you'd you'd think you so much for I agree to Kamal at this price and Christie glad it worked out. Mean you and al-Qaeda as.