True Confessions 3-17

Monday, March 20th

Booker, Alex and Sara will tell a lie or a truth....can you tell who is telling what?


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I jolly these guys are. Bunker Alley Jews share is true confessions here's how the game works in front of us each of us are holding two envelopes containing confessions. And one of the jobless is actually something they have a Jewish and realized in the second album love it he's alive. When you read your confession the other you people have thirty seconds to interrogate you. And they have to guess whether you may lag a telling the truth we'll take one turn each Allah shall go first share which envelope should Alex opened. You would you have numbered she you know Alex please overmatched. I almost got arrested for trying to talk to Mark Cuban in San Antonio Spurs game and a master playing them. The center starts now. What did you see it tends to I went instruments handed him a piece of paper that says the remarks follow me on Twitter and the my Twitter handle there. And as a candidate in the paper based security guard wall eight cents or at least armored persons publicity grab basically into a hallway. And started to mediate ass chewing her trying to talk to mark Stephens. Why should put his hand I don't that was rather take it and until the slapped away from 5% to please our personnel and the rest of Dana bass Boggan has to sit in an office. Hello I'm gonna yeah yeah. Ask your question term. Or is he cheated. On the bench with the team at the Hollywood and an average is. Down to cancer it's a true or false share what do you think I'm I think it's balls because. Market in school that people coming up John. Given maybe security isn't like I said he was gonna take you know and I heard all that but I just a big security would care. There are just truly DT else I think give Alex some artsy than the spurs game. How why didian and he said he preferred Twitter handle it yeah. Well on the home where housing is and he's an elegant. Palm of his guys Alex and Alex were doing. Is that a true story is true not almost arrested but I think they you were given a stern or see its true Alex. Absolutely true yeah. Dallas Mavericks are trying to censor NASCAR is not that long ago and I was I sitting with my wife actually include pretty good seats. Past time comes up mark Stevenson on the bench for this team hanging out alone he says armament assists. It doesn't I don't we as I enter Genovese director for my panel on their minds which we're announcing evolving you know shout outs. And she's like get shares are locked down there and as a security guard or since I'm a police department employee he was out right now smarts even want to win them full load them at least understood folding towels. Students and I went MRI Kmart and Jimenez once it give you this and so you Reese's hand out. The TV guys slap my hand slapped with a dozens of note out of his hand. And now it's a FiOS under the stage that's license a little office for like third quarter. Wow basically was asking a million questions why I was doing that while I was there was on the notes that no lifestyle between us but some rafters things and I am. And believe they'd be able to go back and sit mice in my life for the fourth quarter senate's lead in March even outdoors is a nice knees are well I mean replied I say no worries that. Wow crazy but that is still do but if I am dead. Slapped and piece of paper he had like what are you going to. No it's a little like it was you know the paper was it was like a piece of a gum wrapper in the inside of her unbelievable it was exactly said march even very called us up like that it was a San Antonio police aren't there was nonstop about dad yeah. Good feeling that that was your the deadly sounds like something Alex he Franco would give him our guy elite. Earn night. You were out and I well have you open. I'm below and. Number chill. I had a pet hamster named Willie as a kid and sometimes I snap command my backpack and took them to school some guy I don't even. He's asking questions to announce exactly I'm rob sound the us and we will see yah that really was your best friend and Garcia I don't ever. Jerry Kelly whenever she would come home she would like put Willie on the TV out. Did you homework together yet he had to leave it hasn't Willy like a reality until like 27 problem really was probably your boyfriend your first CA yeah. 'cause I'm out of present justices journal. Absolutely not true why. The prize. Ravitz is a kid I had them for Melissa snowballs. Sneakers. And cookie that's creepy guys and they never had any pentium Serbs except the Teamsters that we would take home from school. And then they would. Always get lost in our house we put him in the little ball that they run around how Ryan and get a bump into a wall on their cheeks it would open up and then we'd have believes teams search. And then that's terrifying is the classic answer is losing your house indicate till it. Sending you against an early Saturday looking for an. So I was I was treated you really not a gimme shootaround there were all those other animals and rabbits and you have all the rallies yeah I've four. And at one time I had like two when he Kenny had babies every Easter brush gonna wrap it around and all right we already forming I data are. They're let go number one goal number one the first from an. It's. And he's isn't it Brad Booker hasn't rabbits growing up. I'm going rabbits. Know what I knows somebody who did. Big. Money I got a good. I was in college firm roller derby and then stop right there easy as it's nice now. Yeah your state raids player to legislate and mainstream. It's concentrator ML. I didn't really good me okay this is so attribute is actually trying to marijuana Nazis did you both the premier team if your judgments in the blue devils' Steve I. Now you don't have roller skate I I'm pretty busy had to get I'm now arranged as a coach no skin you're traveling anywhere. Just normal clothes to Wear a suit it's your underestimates is an. Oh yeah I have a and it end that's absolutely really tell you none of those girls had any desire hooking up I pull out there where there are a double bodies on the stand up. I have got a straight into the broader interest that there is hot he's here yes that's actually true red under the android every team back today. Dentistry half apple wanted to I love really jury I'm always always loved roller derby Faith Hill yeah. Go line is I'm trying to think baby splice is what I. These supplies I think that is finally.