Update on Austin guy trying to sue his date for texting in a movie!

Thursday, May 18th

We talk about how the Alamo Drafthouse has stepped up to help the guy suing his date after she texted in a movie theater!


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Yesterday I shot everywhere. That story from Allison Texas about that guy that shoot the girl. That he went on a deal with because she was on her phone texting during the entire guardians of the galaxy moving bro what 161718. Dollars just shy of eighteen dollars and it got so much attention that the juror juror a guardians galaxy cheerio. Tweet it out once dubbed the ceiling she deserves jail time. So I try to find this guy bring in advance Mariano historians and reflect and you Dan. I could have should have any mutual friend. Johnson got a million several dresses like if FaceBook pages like bogged down right now. He met Arum bumble and he's like you know why this is ridiculous she said. That. Movie theater don't like frown upon Tyson is ideally like little dancing popcorn bucket comes on the screen time you put your phone window texting. Well Al Lowe you you'll be kicked out absolutely you will geeky dad L now. After a warning. Yeah others who 1 morning and then if you continued to tax than the KKR and the cool thing is to feel like you know at at the dredging nervous the L draft has never been sometime crazy by judge. You obviously can eat and drink the way you order. Is you ride and other local low light scratch pieces of paper hot and then EU right out what you want and then you put it up on the tool tray in front view and it's just picking up the server she that is sticking up and then they'll come by the bill like OK though confirmed all you want a cheeseburger or colder back. Bly and if you see someone other far fewer actually for talking is right this and you know jerk is Chan and I'm next to me and then Belle. Come over and talk to also does. Didn't happen and alma draft does but why is the owner of alma draft has China. NN kids you'll find any opportunity to get in the press that he's amazing Tim league he's the founding CEO of alliger adjust and he said quote. I am conflicted on 1 hand I am concerned about records being clogged with super foolish. So she is working perfect. Lewis now go listen per gallon regular clothes let's Ers are less thank you what that means it means like ridiculous act stupid lawsuit out and superfluous thank you share. But he's Bismarck states quote these easy threat to civilized society in order to save the time and accords the Alamo is willing to put this to bat. In hereby offers Bismarck gives certificate and the amount of seventeen dollars and 31 cents for his next cinema out too much refining in his final defining here's an. Little nugget they came out yesterday that I didn't know what we first saw it he asked her to stop Eckstein and her friend in the lobbying arm. She said okay cool. Bush she cut the days short by not return yeah. And nobody web yeah it never that's that and seaworthy right there.