Waiting by the Phone: Does he have a wife?

Tuesday, August 7th

Waiting by the Phone: Does he have a wife?

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Let's gimme entrusting its way to about a flaw and and if you being goes to you know college fields after a good date you wanna know why have I not heard from that other person Alex yes Sadr. Then. Yeah. I got I am sorry you. Route Matt is guy NN. Very nontraditional. Way it was where. I'm interrogating. So we were there all day together and at lunchtime we heard. Both and then makes encrypted and locked in a lunch at a downtown we can then and then. And we went back and nine and at Scott and leisure and god. Her and then Natalie walked out together and we were just chatting in the they got a little bit awkward and can't because there was that moment where I was like well. Ran my car now entirely new. Site is back that he wanted to grab dinner sometimes and he was like well what you know now. I was happy about that because I was pretty attractive can. How to get. I wouldn't. Actually that we had really really great conversation and I would say like. One of the top I'm game tonight who. Adult life well he was really where he didn't he keep warm and she that nannies and he even rank that any kind of a sex act. Hanks and but now. He won't respond me. That's not sixty sounds nice. Let's column oftentimes what happens Robin is. They don't really wanna tell you all but they're willing to open up Dodds took just doesn't work out at all obviously that was never make it to the radio by or called dale and see what happens okay. And dale. FaceBook Alex is Sarah mix nanny for seven college for several call waiting by the phone and if you have a couple minutes we would love to chat with you on the radio that's our. I. Show we got a call from rob in the first segment about dates that. We really well and then our Dana. Not hearing from the Persian and she said that I should really get how would you after meeting for jury duty and great conversation at dinner. And it nothing after that. What happened to. He yeah. I think that she's great. Agree Q you that you are beautiful and very warm. Person that for me I just think that they're I don't know I was just a little bit more chemistry there. For a chemist yeah I mean I can just you know it's some things are really firing and and other things. Orange overall at the end they just pulled up and a yeah I'm married are you you're Mary. On the phone I no way they do not recommend him. I'm gonna how Robin. I'm separated I'm not I'm not married I'm not I'm no longer with my who's going to be ex wife. The side but what there's no way no way whatsoever that no chemistry in the answer there was. I wanted to know hydrated now I didn't know committee and what a little bit. You know here here's the thing I just wanted. I wanted to get my he went again and I wanted to see what it would dating replay it was but it why it was quick and that moment. So where are you right now in your marriage if you don't mind us asking. No way we're we're three month separated spirit we were together for ten years did not work out we're still trying to remain. Trent we have the blessing from each other to go off and do or think and I old Robin she knows that were separated. Us. My life I mean it would it will what jury yet but I I definitely thought that I should go to get more practice track it. Your tiny crack in and I think that learning on rent out your ballot maybe in Iraq and word that by now that would reopen it. Any play its part is very late in need now we're not right at all that's probably why you're getting divorced and that not correct out. Coach I'm just gonna go out on a limb here and say that that it's not gonna work out. I angle that it works out her Robin and somewhere they're really just say I don't I don't I don't think that I and that's. Person and I am I sorry nation out of considered art. Maybe you know Edgar separated that maybe you're really not ready today and she got the feel laying that you're ready today that you are really are ready today. Yeah I mean I I. I wanted. That they experience to be at full is that currently I am not getting Dylan and like half that's it I eight did and I didn't join my I'm with her but he you know. That data the data data and marriage proposal and I am just getting out of a marriage. Can I just interrupt real quick and say just in KAL wife or his wife's friends are listening on the tenth L. And that's. And I IR IR I where got ha hey can I just put on a hole for stagnant or. Robin thank you very much I'm sorry that this didn't work gotten better luck cheer in the future. And trying OK dale serie a bomber she we just wanted to help her out and things got a little crazy there but while I do appreciate it. Do what you gotta do and we wish you the best of luck and thank you agree to commanders.