Waiting by the Phone: He didn't like what she pulled out of her purse?

Friday, September 29th

Brandon did not approve of what Vivian pulled out of her purse on their date!


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Israeli by the thought and ideology (%expletive) out of the. I'm. I love it I Levy can be my BS upcoming event. All right so tell a big guy he went out to dinner with. Arming had a great you know you hundreds event and I don't know I did an hour super hot met him and you I don't act has placed the prime time at one of the Olympic gold. Mickey I and then finally when they we speak. And after a month chatting. This I finally ask you I wanna get well. All how we get an iron and then an. Up and all the pain. Yeah we're not even reached out to meet for a second and they. First I have to say really it's on the door. Yeah sounds fine just like an. Now well you know and he could make it he liked my number I mean that penal 2017. Like people in finance and. I flat out. And you are so. Dude you think only what is classic has heard you mention this before sheriff are you on this class for answers them know I'm not assist where you paid his monthly fee and then you can go to TO. Trial the different PT gyms in town like up to three times a month. You'll have targeted because look like whatever part of the people and it's so you can try different things up even faintly. I exactly. I love my gym knowledge is zero that's ahead on its heels like fun I well Vivian and let's said try to club brand and see what he's up to you and why he is not called you back for second day. I had that was great brand and our. Alex is share with mixed nanny for seven or call you a casual fashion questions about should we do call waiting by the phone you have a great moment you can chat with us. Yes sir yes. OK so quickly awaiting the photo is all about helping people get answers whenever they bingo stand so we're not try to put jump glass we're just looking to get some answers here in May. This case we are calling on behalf of vivienne who said she had a really good day with you and then hasn't heard from you in full disclosure when election other Vivian is on the phone to. He's our. And I. Armed men yeah okay. So they're not put me on Blatche put out put me on on blacks a little bit here okay. If she kind of deserves to find out why you don't wanna touch hurting more right is that occasionally used loser number Cabrera you're worried about that jail. I mean. And I aids not mean it is. Look she's she's Greek Euro and you know there was oh the horrible I am by. She did. Dirty you come across that little bit hard me and I did I hate I don't really. See you Al. Who are you. Know I let it won't let me know. That is funny that would alienate what it came across this I mean until she does not seem like she's I mean it's an all the mean. I didn't think I begin either now. I'll buy it just they thought that it here. For instance when we went out to dinner she pulled out. Hot sauce packets out of reports. And exactly. It I mean I guess he carries it everywhere she goes in you allies she's very. Period goal about it and you know I'm very or Agassi says that a lot of ups and places don't have. Good food that has despite these it and there'll Blaine and everything. Is that why you care not Josh. They let you. I don't want adopt a less about that the album on my had thought of Chile's. You get to get a inviting being. I never seen it anywhere at buy organic act and the comfort and Mike and I. Only had on me I am and my split out. Amendment in Adelaide I don't know what they beat on any more later love that they do that and it remakes like a conversation I had. I am with you know late in low. Light. And Assad. That sound like my family my mother in law brings crash red pepper for everything. He's got in her purse she carries a bag you crash tread temper well just a putt on anything and everything I think he should just kept him from pizza order. So it was an zip fly DR Mattson will. It. And the way that I I like them you know and Amy and I and I am a non dying you know that's I mean as a gay and embryonic and looking at other aren't. The odds are so. Oh I the good guy. That's funny it's so funny just here in the Sudan they're just totally complete he's a senator shell sound name and she's is out men's. Diaz is he had that it may be fed this if I mean and you asked on a different lab on it and any do you think any two BE she's is on a day of reliable. You know I I don't I don't fault anybody for haven't done that energy and that beat it is great at that he she definitely has that achieved rule opener for about it but I'm. I mean I'm definitely more kind of a moderator. On. I'm not I'm not put myself out there for oh you know stop them are you home more reserved I guess so yeah. I don't know maybe maybe that played into it too on shirts. Around that receiving an alliance and they're good. I got hundred no girls my and it would. You are adorable vivienne and we really held funny guy doesn't care by Hans on. I mean that they get out there right away be like lip then. About peanut company is given out and being. I. Yeah.