Waiting by the Phone: He is a finger licker!

Tuesday, June 12th

Waiting by the Phone: He is a finger licker!

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He's waiting by the phone for girl he's been going out with several times actually over the past couple of months but now she is gusting you were I rich. Yeah. I'm just so little loss for words amounted to ensure. What's going on I mean I even matter Koreans that we pavlik. I don't know it's up over what started the late night some good morning's. Then she's just kind of disappeared. All right well we have a number and her name as Maine and he we're gonna caller right now and keeping gets me answers sometimes we do sometimes we don't hopefully we'll keep her fingers crossed we'll have good news for Eric. I. ME DT it's Booker Alex's hair would make snotty for seven get a quick Millie you're talking a I know is weird. We're gonna send me a call waiting by the font in Ricci contacted us. We're trying to help them out now were not taking sides in this at all were just looking to help them get some answers that he's been struggling with each of these guys went out on few dates. Over the course last couple of months and seemingly things are going great by all of the sudden you've. Disappeared. Have come we don't we go on a unity and. By the way the police anything else it's important for you now that you're on the radio and be. A Ricci is now on the phone TO. That okay. It's just thought it wasn't working out for me exactly the way that act you know I was looking for somebody so. I just am. Not injured student and continuing. And cash and that's it in. What I mean we are art yet this is where it gets kind of awkward because too rich. Is he felt that things were going yeah well this is a shocker I would she said. Yes I I feel she's totally understanding everything we're all bar really kind of surprised. There's just something that came up and it's it's just. There's. Just so we came up and it took its not gonna work and I'm sorry and I get. There's just something that I you know you realize later after gaining at least a couple of months at some. You know you don't know everybody everything about the person in the beginning you're now emanating. And those things are not. Mister OK so everybody's on their best behavior in the beginning of relationships have to speak. And then you're right you do learn little things you have to choose to root either except this. Or move on and obviously major decision by this who really help rejecting. Moving forward word if you can tell him what those things were. It's so hard and who don't would be Neiman agreement and we now are on the radio where. I mean. Hey rich are you OK with heard. Saner right now what it is that. Yes they have now made and I mean it would be great if you set it to me into not. Left it alone and not spoken to me ever and he sit on the radio. Isn't really and it's just it's really hard hit I don't Hebrew or any. You're not going to be eroded trust me it's much better you stand. Guys like to know where at least a bit at little late and recruit some of them. So. So like we are our first stage you know we went out and you know like bank or restaurant and things that we are dull moment. You know are currently ninety split. The last couple times we went on a day we went to a more casual places where her wings and different kind of spent a little bit more. Yeah. I have no idea that the would be the net income that never been on a what anybody who says but he in licked like. Every single one of his fingers intently after eating the food and they're thought it would armament that beat Blake. Big fat finger sucking noise playing. Like for every finger it was full grown and you're hitting their couple months and in the near realizing that this. Is a person who does the not just that hole but in pop. I just start where I lost my. Attracts. Point and then we went out again later and he did it again but more intently as I'm just so much extra long and it's shocking the world. I can't. In his defense that he felt comfortable with the idea that pot and all each of your I mean I'm not dating Hitler. Yeah. I don't do that and I think that just that's disgusting Booker doesn't have and you gotta be kidding me Brad it's. Such as seniors as. You know it's weird to evict you get your Starbucks box it's too. Hard boiled eggs and it's a little packet peanut butter and apple and they numbered earlier sucking some mentioned stripping immaculate. That is not true that is not true. Sometimes and putting the peanut butter on my out I would get peanut butter my finger so obviously subpoena to maintain I don't have a guy out here. I don't associate all of it XP you're wrapping up. That is not true not set up now what I haven't guilty over the past whenever our meeting ribs and so out of my finger. Yes I I've been guilty and it's and it's a good thing I was not with me in the. Or else we'd never be seen each other again you can tell finger sector because they don't even know they're doing and they do it so after that not just like one the next night. It's a. I'd rather have. You look at them they're like what planet. I don't want legal. All may area just back where we don't need to be make it found that clearly that our teacher I can do it does sound like. The finger sacking is maybe something that communities to nine. Oh. I'm. I'm sorry hey Mandy go your honesty is much appreciated I am you know at least he knows now and why you're not on the back immediately future corporate way of. Yeah.